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How to Write an Email Letter?

An email letter is basically a composed letter that is sent and received electronically, hence the name email or electronic mail.

Before the coming of technological advancements, letters were manually sent over through a mail courier, which could take more time before receiving depending on the distance of your recipient. Then 1971 happened. The late Ray Tomlinson developed the first mails that were sent through a capable system through ARPANET across different hosts and users, then implemented an email program. Now, almost five decades after, there are roughly 3.9 billion email users, according to Statista.

It's always easy to say how practical and convenient sending letters over emails is nowadays. May it is for personal or business use, it can be used as an instant communication platform for almost anything! If you are about to compose an email letter, we can help you craft a professional one through our listed fundamentals below.

1. Determine the Type of Letter

It's important to determine well what kind of letter you will be writing, an informal or a formal letter. The two differ by style and tone. Will you be writing for a company or for your friends?

2. Be Concise on Your Subject Line

Your email letter's subject line plays a crucial aspect of whether your email letter is to be read or spammed. Be straightforward. Write with a concrete sneak peek of your email letter's content.

3. Let Yourself Be Identifiable

It is also important to identify yourself in your email letter. Your recipient can be personally busy due to his job. Thus, he or she may not bother entertaining an email letter that comes from anyone anonymous.

4. Compose Concisely

Write your letter in the most concise manner as much as possible. Do not go overboard. Remain informative yet succinct by length. Remove unnecessary thoughts, structures, or phrases. Be professionally direct to the point. Also, make sure your matter or intention can be clearly delivered in your email letter. Make sure it does not confuse your readers. Be objective rather than subjective on your work.

5. Proofread

Most importantly, do not let yourself send that email letter without assurance of its quality—at least through its grammar and spelling. Once you're done with your draft, always run through it again and see for any errors. You surely do not want to leave a negative impression on your employers or other employees or on whoever the recipient is due to some mistakes. Always review.


  • What are some examples of formal email letters?

      There are many. Some of these are the Email Application Letter, Email Resignation Letter, or Email Cover Letter.

  • What are the different email clients or services?

      There are several email clients available on the internet. Some of the most used ones are Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, eM Client, Mailbird, and Yahoo Mail.

  • Can I send an email through my cell phone?

      Yes, you can. Just make sure that your cell phone is a smartphone that can be installed with certain email programs. From that, you can compose, send, and receive emails in an instant.

  • Can I attach documents through email?

      Yes! Most email clients nowadays offer users the ability to attach documents or files into their email. You should consider the maximum upload size limitations also.

  • How should I start a formal email?

      You can start your formal letter by your salutation, "Dear (name of recipient)." You should also include titles or honorifics such as Mr., Ms., Mrs., Dr., etc.