Dinner time is always a nice way to close out the day. From a romantic date to a family buffet, this meal is enjoyed in a wide variety of ways. And by advertising your restaurant’s own dinner offers, you have a better chance of attracting people in search of a fresh dining experience. So, let us help you market those offers with our professional Dinner Voucher Templates! Quickly design printable gift cards to advertise your dishes. Our samples are easily editable in MS Publisher, which is a perfect application for creating commercial material. So, don’t keep waiting and download now--use our original content to promote your hotel, bistro, and more!

How to Make a Dinner Voucher in MS Publisher

According to the National Restaurant Association (a culinary-based organization), most diners prefer spending on an enjoyable experience rather than the meal’s quality. Vouchers are excellent for advertising such experiences to anyone, whether they’re planning an anniversary get-together or a pleasant meal alone. Plus, creating and using a voucher design is quite easy

However, don’t worry if you’re not familiar with how to make vouchers in MS Publisher. We’ve got you covered with our comprehensive tips found just below!

1. Your Dinner Voucher Design’s Size

To start things off, decide on the size and shape of your coupon. By taking care of the design’s dimensions first, it becomes a lot easier when working on the other elements later on.

A good go-to measurement for a voucher design is 8.5 x 4 inches going crosswise. However, set up a small bleed area around the design itself, ensuring that you avoid under-printing errors afterward.

2. Designing Your Dinner Voucher’s Visuals

Part of what makes using vouchers or coupons appealing is how eye-catching they are despite their compact size. When implementing photos in your design, take advantage of professionally shot pictures of your food and beverages, especially ones that showcase dinner-exclusive choices.

Besides that, there’s also the matter of graphic design. When it comes to promoting dinner offers, a fancy or elegant theme is always an effective go-to. Matching the design to your dining establishment’s own aesthetics is also advisable.

3. The Dinner Voucher’s Written Content

Whether your voucher is for a bundle discount or complimentary drinks, the primary element of any printed promotion is its written information. Working with the small size of vouchers gets tricky; however, this is efficiently remedied by keeping your words concise and incorporating a couple of witty taglines.

Besides that, give your text some font styles and colors that go nicely with the design’s overall appearance.

4. Finalizing and Using Your Dinner Voucher Design

After completing your voucher design, do a test print to ensure everything looks shipshape. Do as many corrections or adjustments as needed until you finally get the desired results. Once you have as many printouts as you want, distribute them with flyers, on bulletin boards, etc.

Done reading? Putting together a dinner voucher design should now be a piece of cake! Feel free to come back if you need to do a review or download any of our 100% customizable Dinner Voucher Templates!

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