How to Make an Elegant Menu in Microsoft Publisher

Whether you run an authentic Italian restaurant or a fancy modern bar, all of the various small details add up to the entire atmosphere. And so, the theme and quality of your menu design should never be overlooked. After all, as explained by the National Restaurant Association (an organization for culinary businesses), the majority of diners are more interested in paying for a good experience rather than food quality.

Do you want a guide on designing your menus in MS Publisher? Then feel free to read our tips below.

1. Use Your Menu’s Contents as a Design Base

What kind of selection are you putting together? Is it for French cuisine? What about fancy desserts or limited Christmas meals? Your menu’s purpose is an important place to start for its design, as it helps in giving you ideas for detailing. For example, if your menu is filled with pasta dishes, then use professional photos or artwork that depict them.

2. Apply Your Establishment’s Overall Theme

From a hotel cafe to a fast food joint, different dining establishments have their own visual themes to them. Because of this, perfectly matching your menu design is imperative.

Incorporate various aspects of your business into the menu. The color palette is always a good go-to in this regard, applying the different tones in making an appealing layout to read through. The shapes and patterns in your establishment’s visuals are also worth incorporating.

3. Match Your Elegant Menu’s Font with its Visuals

Another very important element in your elegant menu’s design is the font and text. Be it minimalist, ethnic, or modern, your menu card theme won’t matter much if the writing throws the whole thing off. However, remember that the font also needs good readability, so avoid a style that’s overly elaborate in its visual appeal.

Besides the font style, there’s also the writing layout. Make sure that chunks or paragraphs of text are spaced out nicely, avoiding the potential for walls-of-text that end up becoming an eyesore for your patrons.

4. Size Your Elegant Menu as Needed

Then you have your elegant menu’s size and shape, which depends on what you need exactly. For instance, a slim format of 4.25”x11” is suitable for placing on a card rack or tabletop holder. Another example is using an all-out 8.5”x11” for menus on dining tables, showcasing your whole assortment of food and drinks.

And that does it for our tips! If you need easy-to-use resources for your menus, then consider downloading our Elegant Menu Templates.

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