Although using fax for your business may not seem necessary all the time, there are still instances when you have to use them. But if creating one is a problem, don't worry because we got you covered. We have a first-rate stack of ready-made Fax Cover Sheet Templates in Microsoft Word (DOC). These fax cover sheets are 100% editable. They are also available in A4 and US sizes. Each fax is uniquely and professionally designed to fit for business or personal use. Using one of these templates will surely save you time. What are you waiting for? Download a template now!

How to Create a Fax Cover Sheet in Microsoft Word

A lot of people may say and believe that fax is gone. They believe that fax is no longer useful for company or business transactions. But the research called 'Fax Market Pulse: Trends, Growth, and Opportunities' says otherwise. This research found out that the use of fax rose or remained stable over the last year. This is according to 82% of their respondents in 2017.

The data shows that there are still lots of businesses that depend on fax, including you. And this site is going to show you how to make a generic fax cover sheet for any transaction through a word document. Here the steps:

1. Insert Company Letterhead

You should brand your fax cover sheet. You can put your business or individual letterhead on it. This is going to ensure that the fax represents you or your business. A letterhead is essential to any professional document because it tells represents an individual or organization. A simple letterhead design includes the company logo, office address, company name, and contact details.

2. Place Your Information

In the next part, the recipient should know where the fax is from. So, you should include the sender's information. Write the name of the sender, the date of when the sender sends it, and the number of pages the document has.

3. Specify Your Recipient's Information

Next, you can proceed to the recipient's section. You can start by adding the name of the recipient on the simple sheet. It can be the name of a person or a company name. Then, add the fax number of the recipient. Lastly, place the contact number of the recipient.

4. Dictate a Response Description

If you want to guide the recipient about his or her response to the document, you can add a response description line. Most fax cover sheets have a response description. This description may include reply, comment, urgent, confidential, review, and recycle. Then, after writing a response description, you can put a checkmark on the response the person should have like what you do with a checklist.

5. Drop Your Message or Comment

If you have something vital to say to the recipient, you can write your message or comment in the spare space of the sample sheet. If you don't have anything to say, you can leave it blank.

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