How to Create Floral Brochures in MS Word

With how businesses have considerably shifted more towards digital advertising, many people would assume that print advertising would be ineffective. But the fact is, many more opportunities await your business if you opt to stick with traditional marketing. According to Medium, almost 50% of millennials are more included to pay attention to print ads rather than digital ones.

So if your target market includes this particular type of audience, then investing in print materials like brochures is likely your best option. Read through the helpful guide below to teach you how to make a flower-themed brochure in MS Word format.

1. Design It Well

Conduct a bit of research beforehand on how you may properly design your floral brochure. Try to think outside of the box. Don't create your single-fold, bifold, or trifold brochure by thinking of only about its content. Think of a design that works for print ad materials are those that would tick their interest to your intended target audience. For instance, if you are creating a floral brochure to advertise your dress shop, then you can opt to design your brochure with dress patterns.

2. Use Unique Typefaces

Give a unique look to your floral brochure by choosing the type of fonts that would fit it. Use a typeface that would help you convey the message you wish to share. So let's say you're creating a floral brochure to advertise your wedding flower store and its products. In this situation, you can opt to use fonts that will blend well with the faded flower bouquet effects in the background. Doing this will guarantee two things for your floral brochure—readability and unique images.

3. Emphasize The Brochure's Message

To make the brochure more effective, your audience should easily understand the message you want to share. For instance, if its purpose is to promote your wedding event management services, then use images that relate entirely to the purpose. Doing this will add up some interest and give a different look to your brochure. Prioritize the use of high-resolution pictures so that you can easily edit them without losing any of the quality.

4. Be Smart With Your Wordings

Incorporate your floral brochure with some content to make it more interesting, but remember to limit the amount you'll want to include. Try to be clever with your choice of words. Doing so will either help you engage your audience more or will set your print advertising materials at a higher standard compared to your competitors.

5. Give It Some Personality

Brochures are often printed out in many copies, but they don't necessarily have to be identical to one another. Try to give each one of them some personality. Let's say you're creating it to advertise your florist services. Try to use different images and illustrations for each copy. Just make sure that whatever images you use are still relevant to the brochure's purpose.

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