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What is a Job Description?

In the job-hunting industry, a job description or JD is a vital document intended to provide job seekers an outline of the duties and responsibilities of a specific position. It is a written statement which usually contains the following information: job title, qualifications, particular demands, preferred work experience, and job responsibilities. Job fairs and job search sites should always include a job description and/or job specification when advertising a job opening. Aside from job descriptions are beneficial for the recruitment process on the part of the company, it also helps the applicants create an effective resume.

How to Write a Job Description in Apple Pages

A great job description will attract competent candidates for the position. Moreover, it helps the hiring team have a clearer idea of what kind of employee is required by the company. For you to develop a comprehensive job description, here are five steps you can follow:

1. Perform a Job Analysis

Before you start drafting a job description, you must perform a job analysis first. A job analysis is the process of collecting and interpreting information about the duties, responsibilities, skills, and work environment of a specific job. It helps provide an accurate overview of the fundamental requirements of a job position. For this task, you may interview current employees to know what and how duties are performed.

2. Start with the Heading Information

After performing a job analysis, open Apple Pages and start typing in the heading information. The header typically includes the job title, salary grade, work schedule, classification, and the title of the position this job reports to. In writing the job title, avoid using generic terms. For example, if you are offering a managerial job position, don’t just write “manager” on the job title section. Specify what type of manager the company is looking for—be it a project manager, office manager, general manager, or marketing manager.

LinkedIn conducted a study which was participated by 450 predetermined samples or respondents. These people were asked which parts of the job description mattered the most to them. The results revealed that 61% of the participants said that the compensation or salary range is the most crucial part of the job description. Followed by job qualifications and job details (both with 49%), and performance goals (33%). With these numbers in mind, you will know which ones to put more focus on.

3. Provide a Job Summary

After working on the header, create an attention-grabbing job summary and overall objectives of the job. State the expected results from the prospective employee for the position. You may also include brief information about the company and the work environment.

4. Outline the Duties and Responsibilities

Provide an outline about which particular tasks should be performed by the job applicant. Moreover, highlight the essential functions, frequency of the tasks to be accomplished, and the physical demands of the job. Remember that less is more, so be concise in creating an outline of the duties and responsibilities.

5. List Down Qualifications and Skills

The list of qualifications and skills is one of the essential components of a job description. It helps a candidate easily determine whether or not he will submit that job application form and resume. List down all the qualifications and skills a candidate must possess to have higher chances of being hired. The list should include soft skills, technical skills, preferred work experience, and required educational background. After having accomplished steps one five, take time to review the details you have written.

Statistics show that a job description will get up to 30% more applications if it only has a total of 700 to 2000 characters. This denotes that clarity and concision are vital in writing an effective job description.

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