How to Write a Proposal Letter In Google Docs

According to an article from Indeed (a career-focused resource), a proposal letter is for gaining approval for your ideas, containing information that backs up your request. Whether it’s about restaurants, event planning, or catering services, proposal letters are essential when you have great concepts to share with work associates. Google Docs is a convenient tool for writing proposal letters. If you’d like to know how to get started, go ahead and read our tips below.

1. Keep a Tidy Look to Proposal Letter

When drafting a formal business letter, maintaining a clean and appropriate writing format is crucial. Because of this, you need to set up the document size and margins. To prepare your letter’s layout in Docs, go to File > Page Setup and select the paper size that’s most suitable for your region. Next, while still in Page Setup, set all the margins to 1 inch in length.

2. Open Your Proposal Letter Appropriately

To start your proposal letter, start with some information about yourself. Write down your full name, your company’s name (if applicable), the date, your recipient’s full name, your recipient’s company, and the recipient’s mailing address. Next, open your dialogue with a formal salutation. You can follow “Dear Sir John Doe,” or “Dear Manager,” as examples.

3. Draft Your Letter’s Dialogue

In your first paragraph, introduce yourself and your company, along with mentioning any previous discussions about the subject. End the section with a short overview of your proposal. The following paragraphs’ job is to explain your proposal’s various aspects. Talk about its purpose, goals, tasks, and costs.

4. End Your Proposal Letter

Once it’s time to close off your dialogue, write down a call-to-action and your intention of following up. Next, express gratitude for the recipient reading your letter and considering your proposal. Finally, write a formal sign-off (like “Regards,” or Sincerely,”) followed by your complete name and signature or email signature.

And that’s the last of our tips! Remember what you’ve read, and composing proposal letters will be a snap!

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