Magazine Cover PSD

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How to Make a Magazine Cover Template in Adobe Photoshop?

A magazine cover is the first page of a magazine. It usually contains a sneak peek of the magazine's content, hot topics, best photo, and more. There are different kinds of magazines, such as a fashion magazine, sports magazine, school magazine, food magazine, etc. Their front pages or covers vary from each other since they have different scopes and things to tackle. 

Are you tasked to create a magazine cover? Do not worry because we are providing you techniques and guidelines that will guide you in creating a magazine cover template in Adobe Photoshop. Here's how:

1. Data Gathering Should Come First

Accumulate all the necessary details for your document such as the headlines of the month's featured articles, cover photo, etc. A magazine cover may not be lengthy and may not require the same amount of effort of creating a full-blown magazine, but it needs to be sophisticated and captivating as possible. In this kind of business, the cover should knock it out of the park before anything else.

2. The Layout Should be Spot-on

We have given you an opportunity to not create from scratch with the help of our beautiful magazine cover templates. So, choose the most fitting one and begin the design procedure. You should be creative and attentive in this part. Since you have gathered the essential data, the next thing that you have to do is to incorporate them in an artistic but professional way. Moreover, if your magazine's theme of the month is the modern design trend, the cover must be in line with that motif. Edit and embed the cover photo first because it is the most important aspect. Afterward, determine the font styles, color combinations, etc.

3. Insert Text Keenly

The texts to be inserted are not of an article-length. They are only article titles, headlines, name of the magazine, volume and month of publication, etc. However, you should still be mindful when it comes to writing the words because they have the same importance as the magazine's contents. Like the synopsis, title, and reviews a book cover contains, magazine covers should spark interest from the readers in order for it to be sold. Therefore, begin entering the details in a careful manner.

4. Perfect and Save

Perfect your design by reviewing every aspect of it. Check the spellings, design elements, etc. You can also add some finishing touches to make it more attractive. Afterward, save your file. At the taskbar of your Adobe Photoshop editing application, hit the File and as well as the Save as. Make sure that the file is in .psd format so that you can still edit it if you need to make some alterations.

5. Submit or Print

You have crafted the magazine cover, not the whole magazine. You should submit it to your editor or heads so that they can judge if it is good enough or if it needs some adjustments. If it is approved, you can attach and print it as a full-blown magazine using a printing material of the best quality. In that case, you can preserve the quality or caliber of your craft.