What is inside is what matters. But the cover always catches the attention. It is an invitation to reading further, especially for a magazine. Make your covers grand and catchy by using our professionally designed cover templates fit for the magazine that you envision. Start by downloading files for free; moreover, they are easy to use and can be customized in no time. These magazine templates are high-quality, shareable, and print-ready, whether commercial or personal. These include layouts, artworks, images, standard text fonts, and graphic files. All are easily editable in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Microsoft Word, Publisher, Apple Pages!

What is a Magazine Cover

A magazine cover is a simple essence of the entire content inside the printed magazine itself. It is where the critical headers of the content inside are displayed with matching color designs and a captivatingly relevant photo. The cover is indeed the perfect and inviting eye candy. With the ideal design, it is sure to encourage people to pick it up and read.

How To Make a Magazine Cover

1. Get the Colors Right

Contrasting, complementing, analogous, monochromatic, etc. create the perfect catch for the eyes. A careful blend and selection of colors that genuinely expresses and represents the content is a must. If the colors are enticing, one is invited to look more. And if one is asked to view more, it will be inevitable that one will start to read just like any effective promotional flyer would. We may have heard of clickbait, but this time, colors are the baits for the eyes.

2. Let the Font Together with the Words Talk

The mood is best shown through fonts as well as a view on the actual content. Formal looking fonts often talk about serious topics and are appealing to a serious audience, whereas jolly-looking fonts invite anybody to try and read the light side of life. Moreover, placing the appropriate words with matching fonts will create an impression and an imprint on the reader. Such is popularly explained in the classic Stroop Test. According to MacLeod, we are more conditioned to word meaning than the physical appearance of the word; thus, we need to capitalize on the right words to use, if we are to market effectively. By carefully selecting the right, powerful, and impressive words together with the appropriate font for the content, and the audience must be a priority.

3. Maintain Symmetry

What is beautiful attracts, and symmetry is one of the elements of beauty aside from proportion and harmony because it mimics the balance that we think is appealing. The same can be said for our magazine designs, especially magazine covers. When words, photos, and colors are symmetrical, rest assured that it can catch wandering eyes and even, later on, invite to look further. Few people would tolerate a mess but if there is order, arrangement, and organization, then expect many to hold on to the view.

4. Let the Cover Photo Speak

It is said that a “picture paints a thousand words.” The right photo for the cover can evoke, invoke, and tease the viewer as to the possibilities within the magazine itself more or less like your photo frames hanging on the wall. Getting it right is essential as it is representative of the content and also the trigger for the viewers and readers. It is always good to keep the mind active by thinking and be continually captivated by imagery while it is in the dynamic process of tying bits and pieces of information the viewers are receiving.

5. Know Your Audience

All of the techniques mentioned above will be useless if we do not place in context who our audience is. It is good to know first who the magazine is for (just like conducting a typical survey). It makes the wok simple and uses the right colors, words, fonts, and photos together with symmetry to cater to the targeted audience.

A properly crafted and creative magazine cover designs impact the mind of the reader. Many times This attraction helps to get fame and popularity. How the cover is designed matters more than what is featured in the cover design. It can be based on any style vintage or modern magazine-style. The main idea behind the best magazine cover page is to keep it simple and aesthetic. We have maintained this fact in all of our samples and templates. Come and have a look at them and pick the best for your project.

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