It is inevitable that a lot of people would judge a magazine by its cover. Hence, it is fitting and proper that you create one that is appealing and eye-catching. In order to do so, we can help you create one through our Magazine Cover Templates in Microsoft Word that is available for free. These are 100% customizable and are in high-quality. No matter what type of magazine you are working on, our templates can surely help you get the job done in just a few minutes because our templates are highly customizable depending on your specific preferences. Hurry! Download our Magazine Cover Templates in Microsoft Word now!

How to Make a Magazine Cover Template in Word?

Although we are digital, people still delight in reading magazines. Even we know this as a fact, we still have to strive to make great magazines for our readers. Moreover, the first part of the magazine that a reader's eyes land into is the cover page. Literally, some people judge a book by its cover. So, we can't get people to read our magazine if we fail on the first page. How you layout your magazine cover will impact on your magazine's success.

Whatever kind of magazine you may have, it may be about sports, about women's fashion, or about school, don't get pressured. We have prepared you simple steps that can help you with making your attractive magazine covers:

1. Make It A Definition Of Your Brand

You need to do thorough planning about how you will make your magazine cover a success. But when you plan, you should also consider branding. How your magazine book cover looks will reflect your business as well. So, as advice, make sure that your magazine cover will define your business. To illustrate, when a person will first look at the magazine, they will know what company is behind it. Make your cover distinguishable to any magazines out there. Don't fake it and make sure that you will give it a personality, to get more attention from readers.

2. Invest On The Layout

Consider the Time magazine cover as an example, when you look at it, you will already know that it is from Time. They have this distinguishable and definitive magazine cover that strikes curiosity from people. You can follow this marketing strategy. You need to be meticulous about how you will design your magazine cover. Your magazine cover should not only reflect your brand but should also reflect the purpose of your magazine.

Another thing, you should include jaw-dropping photography. Never forget to include high-quality pictures in your magazine's cover. Although this is not necessary, it can help your magazine get more audience. You can also make use of a transparent background to add more drama. Make your magazine cover something that people will look at twice and will make them grab and read it. This thing goes to any cover, for example, a book cover. A book's cover should also get the attention of potential readers.

3. Consider Using Templates

This site has a lot of magazine cover that will surely get your readers' attention. We have stylish and attractive magazine templates that will truly define your brand. There are travel magazine templates, sports magazine templates, food magazine templates, and more! Choose the magazine template that you think will make a statement to your magazine.

4. Open Microsoft Word

Then, open Microsoft Word. This program might focus on documents, but it has features that can help you with editing and customizing your magazine cover template. Customize the details on your template. Add the magazine title, pictures, and magazine content.

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