There are certain times when an employee has to work more hours than usual because of the additional workload. The additional hours worked must be acknowledged by the employer in order for the employee to be paid appropriately. If your company needs a document for the additional work rendered by an employee, use our downloadable Overtime Sheet Templates. You can modify these templates to fit your current needs and preferences. These templates are available in various file formats and file sizes. Make your overtime pay computation easy by downloading one of our templates now!

How to Create an Overtime Sheet

According to Workplace Fairness, employees who are earning $100,000 annually or earning $455 per week are exempted from overtime pay. For your employees who are earning less than what was mentioned, you might need to create an overtime sheet for transparency. Worry not, because we have compiled helpful tips for you to help you create your daily, weekly, or monthly overtime sheet.

1. Choose Your Preferred Program

The ideal program to make overtime sheets is a spreadsheet-based program, and examples of these are Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. The simple sheets in these programs will provide you a proper division of your quantitative and qualitative data.

2. Familiarize Yourself with the Formulas

The sample sheets previously mentioned have formulas to make your computation easier. If you don't have any idea how formulas work, it's just one search away. Familiarize yourself with formulas so you wouldn't have to enter quantitative data manually.

3. Include Your Company Details

The overtime sheet is your company's property, so it's only wise to provide its information. Provide your company's logo, name, address, and contact information. Display these at the top part of the document.

4. Indicate the Employee's Information

The employee's information pertains to their name and the department where they belong. These are key information to determine who rendered the extra hours of work when it's time for payroll.

5. Indicate the Work Schedule and the Number of Hours Worked

The employee's standard work schedule must be indicated in the basic sheet, as well as the dates of when the overtime work was rendered and the number of hours. These are necessary to make the payroll officer's job easier and more convenient.

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