Payment Templates Illustrator

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  • What is a voucher's purpose?

      A voucher is used as a substitute for money when purchasing products or services. A voucher is issued by a business establishment and assigned a specific monetary value. Customers can then redeem products that equal to the value that the voucher has.

  • What do ready-made payment templates offer?

      1. The payment templates' pre-made features enable you to edit its contents.
      2. You can create vouchers without doing them from scratch.
      3. Using ready-made payment templates, you can avoid spending too much effort and time when preparing vouchers.
      4. You can download the ready-made payment templates using your computer or smartphone as long as there is a connection to the internet.
  • What applications can you use to create payment templates?

      1. Payment documents can be written using writing applications like Google Docs or Apple Pages.
      2. Receipts and purchase orders can be created using spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.
      3. If you want your vouchers to be more presentable and easy to recognize, you can add your company's branding elements using graphic design applications like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign.
  • What else can you do with Adobe Illustrator?

      1. Adobe Illustrator is a graphic design application that allows you a significant amount of freedom when it comes to visual designs. 
      2. Using Adobe Illustrator, you can select various shapes that you can put together to create logos.
      3. The creative features of Adobe Illustrator can also be used to create promotional materials like posters and banners.