Stationery Illustrator Templates

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Making company stationery from scratch can both be time-consuming and a hassle, which is why we have this wide selection of stationery templates that can be used for all kinds of business. All the files are high-quality, 100% customizable, ready-made and easy to use in all versions of Adobe Illustrator. They are professionally designed and has state of the art content that allows users to change the content of the template to better showcase their company’s branding identity. Our invoice templates include business cards, letterheads, envelopes, memo pads, mailing envelopes, catalog and booklet envelopes, invitations, note cards, and many more. Download anytime, anywhere, at any device and get to use them immediately!

How to Make a Stationery in Adobe Illustrator?

Stationery is a mass noun that refers to commercially manufactured writing materials. Example of these is paper, envelopes, writing implements and other office or school supplies. In making stationery, you can simply purchase it in a stationery store or it would probably turn out to be more relatable and presentable if you personalize the stationery of your company. If you wanted to make stationery, here are certain steps that you can follow to achieve it. If you have a better understanding of Adobe Illustrator then it would be easier for you to make one!

1. Pick your Desired Font

The first thing that you can do is to choose variations of cute and pretty fonts available. For instance, if you are making a business card, you can play with your fonts but make sure that if you are making stationery for a business like a letterhead and ID card, you would need to use formal and professional fonts for it. 

2. Add Graphics

You can add varieties of images or clipart that would complement your stationery. You can get the images from various photo sites like Tumblr, google images, etc. Also, make sure that you use images that are not copyrighted or the owner gave permission to personally use the image. You would not want your client or company to receive a cease and desist over just a notecard gone wrong. Basically, you can also play around with formatting your image until it would turn out to an image you wanted.

3. Format your Page

Once that you have decided as to what font and graphics you will use, you will need to format your page. You can make your business card cute and artsy by adding cartoon effects on it or you would need to format the proper content of a letterhead. Format the width, height and border of your stationery. 

4. Insert Text Boxes

Text boxes let you put a certain wording in the place you wanted rather than typing it away in the document. You can easily customize your text inside your content because it is adjustable and customizable. You can also expand the text boxes based on the desired width and height of your texts.

5. Do a Test Print

Make sure to run some test in your stationery by printing a sample out of it. Although it would look flawless in your Adobe Illustrator, there would be some instances wherein the margins can be a little crooked, colors turn out not exactly you want it to be or the text would run off in the page unexpectedly. Do not expect that your test print would be as perfect as you wanted it to be but rather be ready for revisions and conduct a test print again to achieve the desired result. If occurred, you will be all set to distribute it to the company or school that you worked for and get ready to be praised as you created beautiful and flawless stationery.