Notebook & Journal Illustrator Templates

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How to Make a Notebook Journal in Adobe Illustrator

Notebook journals have been a staple tool for almost everyone who wants to write down their thoughts and ideas in an organized and personalized manner. Notebook journals can also be used as a planner if you wish everything about you to be organized. For some, keeping a notebook and journal is therapeutic. In a blog by Intermountain Healthcare, one of the five powerful health benefits of journaling is that it reduces stress. Journal writing is an excellent stress-management tool since you can freely release and express your emotions and stress through writing. In our modern age, taking notes has evolved, becoming more customizable and easy to use. So, to help you make a well-organized diy notebook and journal, we have come up with five easy guides that you may follow. Check them out below. 

1. Determine the Use of your Notebook Journal

Notebooks and journals are meant for multiple uses. There's a lot of notebook journal ideas you actually choose from, may it be for travel, photography, music, etc. So before you go beyond the process, you must determine first the use or purpose of making a notebook and journal. If you want to keep track of your workout sessions, then you can make a workout journal. Besides that, you can also make a workout schedule in your notebook and journal that will help you plan out your workout sessions properly. Regardless of the use of your notebook and journal, knowing it is essential. 

2. Download a Notebook Journal Template

The best way to make your notebook journal is to use a ready-made template, especially if you are not confident of making it from scratch. Using a template is a perfect strategy that lets you not worry about the design and layout since it is already given in a template. To assist you in looking for a printable template that you can use as a reference, we have provided you a well-crafted notebook and journal templates available in various use. Choose the template that complements your purpose and start making your notebook and journal.

3. Edit in Adobe Illustrator Program

In modifying your chosen template, we suggest you use Adobe Illustrator. This vector editing software allows you to customize your notebook journal template properly and produce a high-quality one. For instance, you want to change the theme of your template into vintage and replace some details in the book cover. Hence, using Adobe Illustrator as your editing software will let you not worry about how to personalize your template since this has easy-to-use features with readable instructions so that you can comprehend effectively.

4. Print your Notebook Journal

If you want your notebook journal to be handy, you can have it printed. Journals are printed using the coated paper stock for the book cover and uncoated paper stock for the inside. So if you want to print your notebook journal by yourself, make sure to use the best paper stock to ensure the quality of your notebook journal.

5. Update from Time to Time

Just like any document, your notebook journal should also be updated. For example, your taste of music changes, and so does the content of your notebook journal. So update your notebook journal as much as possible for it to active.