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How to Make a Bookmark in Illustrator

A bookmark is a thin marker, usually made of card, leather, or fabric, used to keep the reader's place in a book and make it easy for the reader to return to it. Other typically used materials are paper, metals such as silver and brass, silk, wood, and plastic in making a bookmark. By using Adobe Illustrator, you can conveniently craft your bookmark since the design tools are easy to use. But how are you going to make a stylish bookmark? Here's how!

1. Choose a Template

Preformatted bookmark templates guide you through the layout of your bookmark and guarantee the right formatting. When using a template, you will understand precisely where to place your design with safety lines, how far you can extend bleeds, and where the cutline is. By pre-selecting the design, templates could save you money and effort. Just press on the fields you want to modify if you use a template. Also, change the pre-existing texts and fill it with your own content.

2. Select a Design Theme

Your bookmark should have a design theme. Take into account the end-user and the message to be communicated then be creative. If you design bookmarks for the school library, you will be looking for inspiration from renowned literary writers and personalities. If you wish to have a graduation bookmark as an event invitation, then you may choose a graduation cap, toga, or diploma as your background image.

3. Include Texts

Keep your texts simple. You may use legible font size to help you determine what your audience sees first. You can attract the attention of your audience with contrasts in font sizes, style, and color. Make sure to select fonts that are unique enough for your design. As a general guideline, avoid using more than two font forms in your bookmark.

Improving readability is one of the key advantages of creating a clear hierarchy of typefaces. In a sea of words, one way to capture the attention of a viewer is to put some of the text in bold font, which is thicker and darker than the standard type.

4. Add a Color Combination

The value of color design derives from the human mind's significance of color. Color creates thoughts, sparks interest, conveys messages, and generates emotions in a design. For instance, black and red are closely related to fierce women and symbolizes boldness and elegance. So, bookmark designers mostly use black and red shades in different ways when attempting to make a fashion bookmark as a marketing strategy especially when they target a female audience

5. Get your Bookmarks Printed

Print out your bookmarks in your own high technology color printer. If you're not satisfied with the result, try printing again until you think it's perfect enough to be distributed to your organization or customers. Take note to use the finest paper for printing pays. No matter what you print or how good your design is, your investment will be lost if you have a poor print job.

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