You've come to the right place for eye-catching and informative posters you can use to promote an event or business. Choose from our selection of ready-made and 100% customizable poster templates that you can download for free. We have all kinds of templates that are easy-editable and suitable for hospitals, healthcare, birthdays, weddings, DJ concerts, business events, sports programs, hot sales, dance parties, spa resorts, and more! Open your chosen template design with all versions of Adobe Illustrator. These files are beautifully-designed to assuredly attract people's attention! The templates make use of professional content including layout, artwork, images, text, and graphic files. Download now and go spread the word with our templates!

How to Make Posters in Illustrator

Whether you’re a marketing agency looking for a chalkboard design to promote a new burger joint or a gym wanting a nice vector illustration in their discount voucher for Movember, you can be sure to find a design that you can use from our library of gorgeous templates!

1. Stunning Software for Stunning Posters

When deciding on an appropriate art and design program to edit any of our poster templates with, you can’t go wrong by relying on Adobe Illustrator! As a product of the Adobe brand, Adobe Illustrator comes with all the required tools that you’ll ever need (plus more) for creating and sprucing up a wonderful poster that’s worthy of bringing attention to your event or business. Not only does it let you add and edit the text on your poster with ease, but you can even alter the graphic designs to a degree that’s only limited by your imagination.

You’re able to download and install Illustrator by paying a visit to Adobe’s online store at their website, then signing up to one of their monthly subscription plans. You also have the choice of trying out Adobe’s free trial offer for 7 whole days to test the waters of Illustrator before fully subscribing.

2. Grab Yourself a Fresh Template

Now it’s time to direct your focus towards our hefty collection of Ready-made Poster Templates and start perusing to select a design or two. We’ve got you covered on your promotional needs with our templates that range from colorful art illustrations to beautifully-shot greyscale photography.

To download one of our awesome design templates, left-click on a respective thumbnail from our catalog to open the template’s page in a new browser tab. Once the fresh tab opens, you can simply use the provided download link button to save the template file to your computer.

3. Get Creative in Adobe Illustrator

Do you have Adobe Illustrator ready and your new shiny template downloaded?


You should now get to putting together your promotional flyer or poster. While drafting what to say in your material, it helps to write up some snappy and endearing dialog to really catch the attention of potential readers and to keep them interested in what you have to advertise. With some good wording, you can be confident in the memory retention someone will have after laying their eyes upon your poster.

4. Get Creative Some More in Adobe Illustrator

Since you’ve got a graphic-rendering program like Illustrator as your chosen software for your poster template, not only can you edit the text of your poster, but you’re also able to polish up the graphic design itself to however far your own creativity can go. And don’t forget to take advantage of good colors and font styles when it comes to applying the text onto the template; arrange the layout in a way that’s interesting to look at but still effectively leads the eyes of your readers.

5. And Your Poster Is Ready!

Don’t forget to save all your hard work, and your new poster should be good to distribute. Rake in lots of attention with the help of Adobe Illustrator and our Ready-made Poster Templates!

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