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How to Create a Business Card in Adobe Illustrator

According to Statistic Brain Research Institute, sales increase by 2.5% for every 2000 cards that get passed out. It means that this discipline of handing out of business cards, although somewhat old-school, is still accepted and has an impact. We might think that 2.5 percent of sales is a bit small, but if this happens daily, in a span of thirty days theoretically this number would amount to least 5.7 percent growth. If you have a million-dollar business, that will amount to at least fifty-seven thousand dollars, without other marketing plans and methods, but we know that it is impossible. So, it is indeed a great deal.

Another statistic that is somewhat excellent when it comes to business cards is that 88% of business cards handed out get thrown away in less than a week. You could ask something like, "8 out of 10 people throw out my card. What's the use?" The best way to understand this statistic is not on the losses but the gains. 12% of people that receive your business cards keep them. It means you have at least 12 new customers for every 100 cards handed out. If you are still not convinced, according to WordStream (an online advertising specialist company) a reasonable conversion rate on average is around 2%. This report means that your 12% is already something beyond the power of websites. So, if you are interested, you should read down below how you can create your business card in Adobe Illustrator.

1. Choose Your Paper

The first thing in creating your Business Card in Adobe Illustrator is to choose the paper which you wanted to use. You can do this quickly and do the standard, but if you are meticulous enough, you might want to check on the paper's finish, stock, and size/shape. This step could be longer or shorter, depending on your decision. Just a little background, you can have your finish in either glossy or matte. The glossy finish is usually shiny, while matte is a bit dull. Both have pros and cons, do choose wisely. Your stock options are as follows, standard (the cheapest), signature (a bit thicker), and ultra-thick. After deciding the kind of finish and the stock, you can now decide on the size and shape. The standard business card template size is at 3.5" x 2". If you want to make your form irregular, you can also do it, but remember that cards end up on wallets with standard business card slots.

2. Decide Your Card Information

After your choice of paper, you can now decide on the information you wanted to be on the card. Namely, your name, contact number, business address, your simple logo, and some other things you wanted. Think of it as a small id card. Adding a simple quote on your business card could make your card catchy like a creative brochure.

3. Download A Template

When your decision is finish, you can download a business card template in Adobe Illustrator from our website. Download any of our high-quality models. has a vast collection of creative samples. Our beautifully designed and professionally written content are something that can make your designs better.

4. Design Your Card

Since you know what you wanted to do, you can now start adding some things on your card. Add the designs and details according to your plan. Since you are using a graphic design program like Adobe Illustrator, you can check if your models are indeed good or bad and edit them accordingly.

5. Place your Order

You are going to have at least a thousand pieces of cards, so you should find a good printing press or a printing services business near you. Place an order to know when you can get your business card as soon as possible. You can also use your simple card as your email signature if you want.

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