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What Is a Social Media Tool?

In the age of the Internet, almost everyone has one or a couple of social media accounts already, even the older generation. Most businesses and companies use a social media platform to level their marketing strategy plan with other competitors. If they don’t use even one platform, aside from being outdated, they will be out of business. According to CNN, social media helps people promote and establish their businesses an online presence and helps people assess how their business is faring. Businesses must create a scheduled social media kits, pitch decks, analyses, proposals, and action plans to stay in the competition. Businesses must also continually update their policies, email signatures, promotional kits, etc. to avoid becoming stagnant or go out of business. With the use of our social media promotional flyers, brochure, poster we can make your business skyrocket to the levels of other brands and big business names!

How to Make Social Media Templates in Illustrator

1. Use an Attracting Background Color

The social media generation, the millennials, are growing hungrier for content. This generation can also be seen as the generation that desires a lot. Desire is the main component that businesses exploit, especially the customer’s desires, to know what to their intended market. Desire can be visually presented as flashy or enticing, and what colors have been known that entice people? The hues and shades of red, yellow, and orange are colors that entice people. However, contrary to popular belief, you can use other flashy and bright colors for creative documents. Aside from the three main colors, bright colors get people’s attention. Keep this in mind.

2. Use an Aesthetic Image

This generation has also been called the Instagram generation, which means a generation that makes constantly takes many photos for aesthetic purposes. With this in mind, you must place one or two photos in your promotional post to add an aesthetic appeal. The photos must align with what the post discusses. You can’t place an aesthetic photo of a chicken while the post is about selling dolls. The photos must still be connected to the main reason for the promotional presentation post. Just like a postcard, the message must be connected to the photo on the front.

3. Use a Flashy and Creative Font Style

Aside from the colors, font styles need to be flashy and possess an attention-grabbing appeal. Use fonts that aren’t dull or unappealing to look at. Use commercial graphic fonts. Fonts with curves, with mass, or with a journalistic appeal. These fonts have more personality and are better for promotional posts since posts need to appear as appealing and inviting to any person who reads them.

4. Use Discounts or One Relatable Pun

The last thing you need to ponder or rack your brain on is the message that seals the deal. It can be a sale, a promo, a discount, or a pun that must be sentimental and comical at the same time. If you will use a quote or a tagline, use one that will become your commercial business label. Just like the tagline “We got it all for you!” is for SM or that “We find ways!” is for BDO, make your tagline catchy and musical too.

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