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What Is the Purpose of a Book Cover?

Book covers are generally meant to provide the reader a brief preview of what the book's contents are all about. However, most publishers nowadays use them as a means of attracting buyers. How they do so is through the use of simplistic or creative visuals, or they come up with catchy taglines that'll burn into the mind of the reader. While most book covers set expectations that are usually fulfilled by the books' content, there are many cases wherein the opposite happens, which then leads to disappointed readers. So if you're going to make a book cover, be sure that it's the perfect representation of what story or information you want to tell.

How to Create a Book Cover in Illustrator

1. Know What Images to Use

Although some editable book covers do not make use of pictures, it is always best to have them as they're great for showing the setting or even the characters that are set into the book. When choosing images, pick those that are appropriate and related to the book's contents. Also, you'll need to make sure that they are all of high quality and resolution as you'll want to avoid the final outcome looking pixelated. 

2. Think of the Perfect Design

Now you'll need to think carefully about how it should look. This is where you need to consider the layout as you'll want to implement a sense of organization. Know that how you go about this is entirely up to you. You can follow modern book covers and have the title be the main point of focus. Or you can come up with a creative book cover that focuses more on imagery. Know that you can always check out samples online and use those as references for your own. 

3. Place Information on the Author

It is very important that you include this as the reader will definitely want to know the name of the person responsible for the book's creation. Remember that where you position this is entirely up to you. Know that the font size should at least be within 18 to 36 points as you don't want to make it too large or too small. Also, when writing down the author's name, be sure to do it in full. This means putting in his/her first name, last name, and middle name or initial into the business book cover.

4. Come Up with a Tagline or Description

Although providing descriptions are necessary for books that are more on the informative side, taglines aren't exactly a requirement. However, if you feel that your book cover needs one, then be sure to write it down. Know that it's best to be minimalistic when it comes to these as you don't want them to take up too much space. When writing them down, always make sure to check that there aren't any grammar or spelling errors. Those are the last things you want as even the slightest typo can ruin any book's image. 

5. Use Adobe Illustrator

This graphic-driven software is perfect for making any kind of book cover that you need. Considering the fact that they are used to create logos, graphics, cartoons, and fonts, the program is guaranteed to provide you with all of the tools you need to make what you want. If you find it difficult to use the program, then you can always view Adobe Illustrator tutorial videos that you can find anywhere online until you've mastered how to use it effectively.