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Since the beginning of civilization, a calendar is a tool we humans have grown dependent to tell dates, weeks, months, and years. Although the calendar may have evolved into different designs and structures for many millennia, one thing remained constant and that is the sole purpose which they were made. In the modern era, we no longer solely rely on the printing press to give us calendars. With technology rising, we are able to create and personalize calendars to our own choice. It is easier to download editable calendar templates and simply change the content and design it to our preferences.

How to Create an Organized Calendar

People manage their work and personal life by organizing their schedules. Calendar management helps you meet an ideal goal in life. Every day you are busy whether you are at home or at work, but that doesn't mean you no longer have the chance to relax and enjoy life. All you need is proper time management and an organized calendar.

1. Plan Your Activities

Plan ahead to give yourself a head start on your upcoming activities for the year or at least for the month. Once you do, start organizing them in the best way possible to avoid conflicts in your schedule and at the same time maximizing your progress report in completing the activities. This could be a long-term planning or short-term planning.

2. List Down Important Dates and Events

Listing down all your important dates is one way of organizing your events. This method will make things faster for you to recall important reminders and details on meetings, deadlines, and holidays. Listing them down will help you decide on your options and maintaining a balanced commitment. Remember that developing these organized habits can save you a lot of time and energy in the future.

3. Use Adobe Illustrator to Organize Your Calendar

Your productivity is measured by how you organize your calendar and your life. For your benefit, maximize your options with Adobe Illustrator in editing and organizing your calendar. Set your dates just right and adjust the designs of your calendar. Change the color and opacity of your template and come up with your best design.

4. Be Creative with Your Calendar

This is your calendar; be creative and make it your own. Use different background designs and font styles to make it enticing to your sight. Use vibrant colors on important dates to remind you of your events. You may use yellow to schedule your normal activities, blue for work and education, green for cleaning days, and red for highly important events such as deadlines and important meetings.

5. Print Your Calendar

Even in modern times, printing your calendar has a lot of benefits. A study from Tungare, Perez-Quinones & Sams (2008), shows that having a continued copy of your calendar provides you paper trails and quick references on your activities. This is most helpful when you wish to clarify activities that were canceled and activities that were never appointed to begin with.

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