Rack Card PSD

Display Your Commercial Advertisements with's Free Rack Card PSD Templates. Like Flyers and Brochures, Our Rack Card Templates Contain Attractive Designs Perfect for Wedding, Photography, Photographers, Graphic Design, and Other Services. So, Check Our Mockup and Edit in PSD. Now, Use a Card Printing Tool to Finish It Up!See more

If you’re looking for a rack card design for your business, you may choose from our wide variety of rack card templates in Adobe Photoshop that you can download for free. These are easily editable and 100% customizable. These files are ready-made and easy to use for your convenience. Available in 4x9 inches with bleed. Rack cards are commonly used for commercial advertising of a product or service. They make use of high-quality content, including layout, artwork, images, standard text fonts, and graphic files. Use our high-quality templates to create eye-catching and informative rack cards for a summer camp, wedding photography, real estate agency, fashion boutique, management consulting, and much more.

How to Make Rack Cards in Adobe Photoshop?

There are different ways to advertise your products. You can use online advertising, a marketing brochure, a flyer, and a rack card. If you have chosen to promote through rack cards, you made the right choice. Rack cards are useful advertising materials. Rack cards are mostly in places that have high foot traffic, like a hotel or a salon. Moreover, we have prepared you steps on how to make rack cards:

1. Make It Visually Pleasing

Since competition is on the rise, you need to rise against your competitors. To achieve this, make attractive rack cards. Who does not love to stare at beautiful and charming materials? You need to make use of striking visuals to keep your audience hooked. Add amazing photography to your simple cards. Just like business postcards and other advertising materials, your modern rack cards should be attractive, too.  Moreover, your designs should also reflect your business. Do not create rack card designs that will not even represent your business. It is essential to keep it well-balanced. Balance your designs with your business. This way, people will distinguish you from other brands and companies out there. 

2. Make Your Message Clear

You don't need to add long paragraphs to explain your product or service to your audience. Sometimes, all you need is a simple but engaging context. You have to highlight your message on your simple rack card. Make your message bold and bright so that people will read it and stop to contemplate. Ponder how you can engage your audience with your promotional rack cards.

3. Hook Your Audience With Your Content

Once you have successfully gotten your audience through your rack card's visuals, you need to engage them to your content. Keep your audience reading your sample rack card contents by telling them how useful your products or services are. If you offer salon services, for example, you need to highlight the best services you can offer. Include a brief content about why your brand is better than the other brands out there. Science says that discounts influence buyers. So, step-up your marketing game and give your customers a little thrill for discounts. 

4. Use Rack Card Template

What's good about owning a template is that you can start right away. Our templates already provide designs and little details that can boost up your promotion process. This site has a lot of high-quality rack card templates that you can choose from. We have bakery rack card templates, hotel rack card templates, and more! The next thing you will need to do is to open Adobe Photoshop. This software is capable of graphics editing and digital arts. What more can you ask? Adobe Photoshop and your rack card template will make a perfect team. 

5. Distribute Your Rack Cards

Nothing is more exciting than having your audience to read your rack cards. So, make sure that you place your rack cards neatly somewhere where people will see it. By this, you will have more chances of making your potential customers read your rack cards.