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What is a Repair Invoice?

A repair invoice is an itemized listing of all the labor, parts and miscellaneous charges associated with any repair job. Generally, the role of a repair invoice is to establish an obligation on the part of the client to pay. Understanding the content of a repair invoice can help you figure out if the contractor is cheating you or if you are being charged a fair rate.

How to Create a Repair Invoice

A repair invoice may just be a paper, however this piece of paper contains all the important details your client is paying. Repairing industry have a wide scope since almost everything can undergo repair such as: automobile, mobile, computer, air conditioner, and etc. Writing a legible simple invoice would greatly benefit your business. The following are the guidelines that you can use in creating a legible repair invoice:

1. Use our Premium Rental Invoice Templates

Ladies and gents, if you want to fully accomplish a clean and legible rental templates, then it is the high time for you to use our pro templates. Our templates are professionally made and designed by the experts of our company. Why would you start from scratch when you can have a fully furnished one where all you have to do is to replace some parts with your information. Using a template is a great way to make your work done in an easy, fast, and convenient way.

2. Include Invoice Number, Date, and Due Date

An invoice number will help you track all the sample invoices that you have sent to the client. One way to avoid confusion is to refrain from repeating the number in your invoice. An invoice number is usually found on the upper part of the document. Beneath the invoice number is the release date of the invoice and the agreed due date.

3. Put the Details of the Customer and the Repaired Item

Do not forget to specify the name of the customer, his or her address, phone number, and email address, so you can easily track their whereabouts if in case they failed to pay. Also include the details of the item being repaired—whether you are having a car repair, vehicle repair, mobile repair, computer repair, truck repair, or an air conditioner repair.

4. Job Description and Payment Details

Specify all job performed and its equivalent hours and compensation. By doing so, you are being transparent to your client. Do not forget to indicate the terms of payment at the bottom part of your business invoice. If your client opt to pay through PayPal, please provide your PayPal email. However, if your client chooses to pay through check, please specify the bank details such as your account number, bank name, and etc.

5. Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions in your invoice sets the guidelines and rules that you and your client must agree and follow. The terms and conditions of an service invoice are usually found at the bottom part, however not all invoices contain terms and conditions. The following are examples of an invoice's terms and conditions: "Company is not responsible for loss or any damage" and "Once payment is done in any case it is not refunded."

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