How to Create a School Planner in Apple Pages

Students, especially teachers, get to take full responsibility in managing school-related works. There will always be homework, quizzes, field demo, and many activities in between. Sometimes, it’s frustrating to think that you have to juggle both school and leisure. Chances are, if time doesn’t permit, you’ll always end up procrastinating. So in managing tasks and activities, there are different reasons why you should use a planner. Although it takes time to plan, recognizing schedules, weekly tasks, and leisure becomes a right balance with a planner in hand.

So by now, you’re probably thinking of starting on a blank page. To help you make a useful School Planner Template using Apple Pages, check out the steps provided below.

1. Decide on a Template Design

There are two ways you can follow when preparing a template: you make one from scratch or download a ready-made template. Using your Mac or iPad, open pages, and create a new document. From there, you can start formatting the page layout, inserting background patterns, and doing the overall designs. But if you think it’s taking you too long, download a ready-made School Planner Template from our website. Do the same process by clicking a new document. But make sure to use the template of your choice.

2. Divide into Sections

After deciding on a template design, you have to input the activities you consistently do. But you can always update new ones later on. To do this, make sure you divide each page into sections. You can have it vertically or horizontally. Create enough sections that is depending on how much space you think you’ll need. We suggest you create a section on every page. For example, one page is for your daily assignments. Then, the next page is for your everyday to-do lists. Always create a section for the calendar.

3. Decorate It

Next, always remember that aesthetic looks in planners matter because it drives motivation. So, make it look cute and exciting to open by adding design elements. For students, you must create a fun-looking yet organized planner. In this way, you’ll enjoy updating your schedules from time to time. Play with colors, graphic images, and inspirational sayings, but keep it readable. Lastly, don’t forget to add your name, ID number, address, and contact number on the cover page. Adding your personal information is useful if the planner is lost.

4. Leave Extra Pages

You must look ahead. There will always be surprises in the long run. You have to keep some of the pages minimal-looking, or keep it blank, but with headers. You can have this section for your notes, refreshers, and random things. Extra pages will help you write down additional notes for later.

5. Save Your Work

Alright, you’re done! But make sure that you don’t miss essential sections. Then, click Command + S when saving. Once you're done creating a back-up copy, you can start printing your document. When everything’s ready, you can start managing your time and schedules with a simple planner in your hand.

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