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Organize Your School’s Activities Properly with Help from’s Free Printable School Timetable Templates. Choose Online from Professional Document Samples that Come with Premade Details that Include Offered Courses, Time and Place, and Schedules that You can Edit and Divide into Different Segments for Each School Term.See more

Free School Timetable Template, Printable, Download lets you organize your school’s schedule of events and activities with our free printable school timetable templates. Whether you’re running a primary school or a girls’ high school, make sure your daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly activity schedules are on track to prevent waste of time, money, or students' learning opportunities. Choose your template example in blank, simple, cute, creative, pretty, or cool aesthetic design layouts that come with fillable original content that you can edit to your specifications using our editor tool. Download your template sample of choice for free

Edit School Timetable Online for Free and Download

Get school timetable template examples that work in tandem with your planner and revision timetable for classroom study and exam preparations. Whether for English, Science,or language study activities for teenage students in high school or college, get visually colorful timetable templates that you can fully edit online and download for free in PDF or PNG file format.


  • Why Is Timetable Significant?

      Using timetables helps each involving each person manage and utilize their time well. As you cannot go back in time to fix things you missed, managing with a timetable makes you make the best out of your time. 

  • What Are the Types of Timetables?

      Timetables can vary a lot. Some of the common types are:

      1. Class-Wise Time-table

      2. Teacher-Wise Time-table

      3. Games Time-table

      4. Co-curricular Activities Time-table

      5. Personal Timetable

  • Is It "Timetable", "Timetable", or "Time-Table"?

      Based on the Merriam-Webster American Dictionary, the spelling is "timetable", without space or a hyphen.

  • Who Creates a Timetable?

      A timetable can be created by anyone who administers or manages the time of an organization or its own personal life to streamline the relevant tasks and processes.

  • Can I use a Timetable Template?

      Yes. Despite being a personal document, template timetables can provide you the convenience of jumpstarting. Just ensure that it's 100% editable to cope up with your particular demands.