School Meeting Minutes Templates

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How to Compose School Meeting Minutes

A school is composed of many sectors that can hold meetings anytime. They are namely the board of directors, faculty, parents, and even student council organizations. Each has a different agenda that all has one goal, to give the best educational experience to the students studying in the institution. 
In these meetings, a certain person is assigned to jot down notes about the things that are discussed in a meeting. They are usually the secretary of that organization. If you are one or was assigned to be one, here are steps and tips to help you get your work done without fail.

1. Lay Down the Primary Meeting Details

Just as the announced details for the school meeting, relay it on the minutes of the meeting. When is the meeting taking place, where is its venue, what agenda will be discussed at the meeting and who are the people called for this meeting? Is it a PTA meeting, was it held in a classroom, will the focus of the agenda be about school improvement? If it is your student council who will be having a meeting, fill in the details correspondingly. Take note of the exact time the meeting really started on the day and check the attendance of everyone who was invited. Pass an attendance sheet so they can place their signatures beside their names to really testify that they were at the meeting or if they have just sent representatives to attend. Indicate also who presided over the meeting so everything will be accounted for.

2. Expound the Agenda

The meeting was called to discuss the agenda. It was held so the committee could make finalizations through votation or other means of an agreement of the suggestions raised by the meeting participants. Write first what the agenda is all about then settle the things agreed on accordingly. If there were things that are still for approval or were passed during the meeting, like a rule, law, conditions, etc.

3. Reecho the Written Minutes

Read out loud what you have written as the secretary for the meeting. Confirm if they are all facts about what was tackled at the meeting. You can collect their signatures certify that all are true and correct. Arrange the schedule of the next meeting if there will be a follow up of the progress of the things discussed. Announce as early as now if the staff should come with the committee heads for the next meeting. Mark this on your calendars and state in advance the agenda for the next meeting if possible.

4. Prepare a Meeting Minute Template for the Next One

You may be preparing for a school event or student-centered programs. So to lessen your work for the next meeting, why not draft a template for your next meeting? Meeting minutes templates are readily available here on our website! They are downloadable for free in the file format of your choice. Get them for your convenience now! Browse for more templates for your meeting needs and always get your tasks done faster and smarter.