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How to Make a School Magazine Ad

There’s no doubt that magazines are a powerful medium for advertising various things. In an article from the Illinois Library (an educational resource), there’s a broad range of subjects that each publication specializes in. And so, creating a magazine ad for a school is always a great option when it comes to getting plenty of exposure.

Are you unfamiliar with how a magazine ad is put together? No worries—we can help with our tips just below!

1. Use Professionally Shot Photos in Your School Magazine Ads

When you have a full page dedicated to promoting a school, using appealing and appropriate visuals is a must. When incorporating photos, they need to have good composition and lighting. Additionally, use images that contain faculty staff, students, campus facilities, and so on.

2. Include Custom Graphic Designs to Your Magazine Ads

Along with photos, illustrations and graphics are a great plus to your advertisement design. If the school or institution has any colors associated with its branding, incorporate them into the ad’s graphics. By using such colors, you encourage better brand recognition in magazine readers. Lastly, keep the graphic designs fairly simple by incorporating a vector art style.

3. Write Smart and Creative Dialogue for Your School Ads

It takes more than just visuals to promote a school through magazine ads—you also need some professionally written content. Use witty and concise writing to get your point across effectively while keeping your readers interested. As you draft the dialogue, include some essential information (school enrollment fees, current lesson offers, etc.).

4. Apply Some Finishing Touches to Your Ads

Remember that the font choice also plays a role in an ad’s look. Since this is about promoting schools, use a font style with a professional feel and is easy to read. Color is also a factor, so make sure it goes well with the ad’s overall aesthetics And as a complement to the ad’s design, insert the school’s logo.

That does it for our tips! Finally, if you’d like easy-to-use resources for your content creation, consider downloading our School Magazine Ad Templates.

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