School Rack Card Templates

Attract More Enrollees to Your School or Institute by Utilizing the Most Effective Advertising Tool in’s Free Printable School Rack Card Templates. Choose from Professionally-designed Template Samples Online with Premade School Names, Logos, Contact Information, Titles, Messages, Calls to Action, Images, Backgrounds, and Vectors that are Fully Editable and Customizable to Your Requirements.See more

Free School Rack Card Template, Printable, Download

Even schools nowadays face tough competition from other similar institutions. Make sure your school stays on top of the game with’s free printable school rack card templates. Choose from modern or creative design layouts with customizable professional designs for your advertising requirements. Make your rack card for promoting your primary school, kindergarten, middle school, high school, or college education institute; courses offered for kids, students, and even studying teachers; or admissions open. Download your template for free and print your rack card on 4 x 9 high quality cardstock.

Customize School Rack Card Online for Free and Download

Customize your school rack card template by choosing two-sided layouts to maximize both sides of your rack card. Choose from different template samples and make your own example using our handy editor tool to replace the original content with your own. Get design ideas from our template library and include your own logo, images, vectors, colors, and background. Together with our DL flyers, advertise your school’s student success stories, and encourage admission and attendance for your school’s art, music, or sports programs. Download our template for free in PNG or PDF file format.


  • What example art programs are there for making a school rack card?

      Some viable options include:

      1. Adobe Photoshop
      2. Procreate
      3.  Clip Studio Paint
  • What are some non-art programs for making a school rack card?

      Some of these include:

      1. Google Docs
      2. Apple Pages
      3. MS Word
  • What kinds of schools use school rack cards?

      School rack cards are useful for any type of learning institution, from universities to driving schools.

  • What popular sizes are there for making a school rack card?

      When creating a school rack card design, some widely-used sizes are 3.5”x8.5” and 4”x9”.

  • What other printed materials are used for advertising a school?

      Examples of this include:

      1. Brochures
      2. Business cards
      3. Flyers