Calendars play a vital role in our daily lives. Without it, our lives will be messed up and we’d lose every sense of organization in us. Looking for a calendar that will help you keep track of your academic endeavors? Worry not! On this page, we have compiled ready-made and professionally crafted school calendar templates specifically tailored for you. We guarantee you that these templates are 100% customizable, printable, high-quality, and beautifully designed. These are also easily editable and downloadable in all your required versions. Download one now and get ready for a fun-filled school term!

How to Create a School Calendar?

school calendar template

A school calendar is a chart or series of pages that contain a list of predetermined activities to accomplish school-related tasks such as exams, projects, and assignments. Like any other type of calendar, it helps you keep track of passing time and organize your schedule accordingly. A school calendar can either be a printed calendar or digital.

A meta-analysis conducted by a psychologist at the University of Calgary revealed that 80% to 90% of college students procrastinate regularly, particularly when it comes to the completion of their coursework. Effective time management and strict adherence to a schedule are some of the best remedies for this matter.

If you are a student who misses deadlines, forgets homework, crams, and procrastinates, then maybe it's time for you to plot your schedule. Start creating your school calendar, education calendar, academic calendar, or university calendar, by following the step-by-step guide provided below.

1. Create a Chart

For you to get started with your school calendar, you first need to create a chart that would enable you to organize your school schedule easily. After this, make sure that you input the dates on the right cells or boxes. If you don’t want to start from scratch though, you may download a printable blank calendar or a ready-made school calendar template found on this site. You may also purchase a planner to thoroughly map out your weekly calendar, monthly schedule, or yearly academic schedule.

2. Check Your Class Schedule

A class daily schedule covers the entire academic term; basically, the flow of your student life will depend on it. It is important to check your class schedule to know how you will spend your time daily. This will help you determine your free time. After reviewing your academic calendar, transfer it to the calendar. List down the classes that fall on the respective days of the week to not lose track of your schedule.

3. List Down Tasks

What’s a student life without tasks, right? Even elementary and preschool students are given tasks which they need to carry out. Now, think about everything you need to accomplish and list them all down—may it be exams you need to study, school papers you need to submit, or worksheets you need to answer. Then, set a specific time or date to accomplish these particular tasks.

4. Include School Events and Holidays

For this step, you may consult with the teaching administration because, most likely, they already have a timetable or list of school activities prepared for the entire academic term. Write down events like school fairs, sports fests, and other extracurricular activities. Most importantly, write down the holidays from the first day of school to the last day of school. School holidays may include but are not limited to Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, winter break, spring break, and summer break.

5. Monitor Regularly

Now that you have your school calendar filled with necessary details, print it out, and keep both printed and digital versions of your file. Make sure that you monitor or check your school sheet or calendar regularly and update it if needed.

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