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How to Create a School Recommendation Letter?

Some decent schools or universities would require a student with two or three school recommendation letters from a particular person who is aware of his/her talents and capabilities. A person can create this specific letter to define your abilities, achievements, and skills for you to be considered in the admission committee. As mentioned from the website of Gonzaga University, school recommendation allows them to assess the student in detail. If you are aiming to create a school recommendation letter to refer someone you know, then this article will accurately provide you with essential tips on how to create one.

1. Introduce Yourself

Just like any other simple letter, you should always bear in mind to mention who you are as the sender before you start writing the rest of the letter. The recipient must know the person behind the recommendation letter. So what you should do first is to include your full name as the sender, complete address, and contact information.

2. Observe Your Greetings

Whether you are creating a friendly letter or a business letter, it is always essential for you to begin the body of the letter by embracing the recipient with polite greetings. Since you are trying to recommend someone formally, your tone must be professional and courteous throughout the entire body of the letter. Include "Mr." or "Mrs./Ms." to the recipient, followed by his/her last name.

3. Elaborate on the Purpose of the Letter

As you start with the body of the letter, you should specify the intention of sending the letter. Since you are writing a school recommendation letter, you must give out specific reasons, and you need to ensure your expectations are directly communicated in the message. Make everything brief and straightforward.

4. Specify the Information About the Recommendation

Now, this is the part where you have to elaborate on the school recommendation of the recipient. Before anything else, begin by mentioning the student's name and his/her complete address. Next, specify all the accomplishments the student has made and other instances that would make him/her fit for the recommendation. Provide examples of his/her capabilities to make the recommendation letter even more convincing.

5. Close Your Recommendation Letter

When everything is ready, the very last process that you must do is to close the sample letter. Create a phrase that expresses your gratitude to the recipient for taking the effort and time to read the entire letter of recommendation. Finally, insert your full name and sign it at the very bottom of the document to verify the letter formally.

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