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  • A school is an institution where students learn various academic and life lessons. The different levels of education prepare an individual for his/her life in the foreseeable future. As a helpful academic institution, you must conduct different strategies to keep your students interested in school. One good strategy would be creating a school sheet that will keep track of students' attendance and performance. You don't need to worry because this site provides pro/school-sheet numerous printable high-quality School Sheet Templates. All of the templates are professionally written, fully customizable, and 100% editable to cater to your needs and preferences. Download the best one for you, they're all available through Google Docs, MS Word, and Pages. For more wonderful and worthy offers, sign up in our subscription plan and make an attendance sheet for primary, secondary, or college education purposes.

    What is a School Sheet?

    A school sheet is a document that helps teachers, parents, or guardians monitor closely the attendance of students. School sheets track the consistencies and inconsistencies in the presence, absence, and tardiness of students.

    How to Create a School Attendance Sheet

    school attendance sheet template

    The National Center for School Engagement indicates that in order to improve attendance rates the school administration must make students feel welcome and make the community forge a relationship with students as they convince them that school is the place to be. It was also said, parents or guardians must immediately be notified whenever the students are absent, and that students must be asked why they were absent or tardy. There are different approaches and methods on how to improve attendance rates in schools. But everything should start with a close monitoring through a school attendance sheet.

    1. Search for Editing Applications

    The advancement of technology offers various benefits in organizing different things. Through technology, you can also have access to various editing platforms to help you make an arranged sample sheet. Ready-made templates are also available on this site, and they are all available for download. Make a smart choice and execute things swiftly. 

    2. Collect Information

    As you start making your school attendance sheet, gather all the details that needs to be added into the layout. These information are as follows: school name and address, contact numbers, names of the concerned individuals, grade levels, subjects, and dates. An attendance sheet is a form of a report that can be used for academic and other purposes. Every piece of information found within the daily sheet must be reliable and factual. 

    3. List Down Students' Names

    Enumerate the names of the students in the simple sheet for close monitoring. In an article published by the University of Colorado Boulder, attendance registers are a helpful tool that allows a teacher to record students' presence and participation during class sessions. Commonly, student attendance sheets are arranged in alphabetical order by last or first name. Take note that the names must not be misspelled to avoid confusion and inconsistency. 

    4. Indicate the Time In and Time Out

    Create a table would be the best option for an attendance sheet format. Start with a blank table and add in titles and heading for the columns or rows. Assign a whole section for the students' names and and another for the timetable monitoring. Include the time in and time out information of each student to keep a record of their daily, weekly, or monthly attendance.

    5. Place a Remarks Section

    In addition to the other sections, place a remarks section to indicate and track the reasons why a student has missed a class. The remarks section in the basic sheet allows teachers and class supervisors to place the progress or backlogs of the student. It can never be denied that students will incur absences due to different health or personal reasons, but fostering students' active involvement in the attendance process can increase their awareness to attend school regularly. In the case of college students, consistent absences may indicate that a more serious problem needs to be addressed or resolved. 

    6. Print and Save a Copy

    Save a copy of the finished school attendance sheet format by printing it or through keeping a digital file. Every time a class is conducted, the log sheet will be a useful tool for keeping an accurate record of student performance in school.