What Is a High School Resume?

A high school resume is any resume that has something to do with high school. This can be a resume for a high school scholarship, for a high school student or graduate to apply for a job, or a job application for a high school teacher. Moreover, resumes include a summary of a person's personal information, educational attainment, skills, and job experience/s. Most of the time, people submit resumes to land for a job position. Sometimes these documents come with a cover letter.

How to Make a High School Resume

A resume has different purposes and this acts as your companion for seeking a job. For whatever purpose, here are some steps to get you going with making your resumes:

1. Decide for a Resume Type

There are three types of resume that you use for your layout. These are chronological, functional, and combination resumes. A chronological resume focuses on your work experiences in reverse. You will start with your most current job down to your first job. The second one, the functional resume concentrates on your skills, which is useful for a person with no work experience. Lastly, the combination resume is the incorporation of the two resumes.

2. Look for a Template

To make your work easier, find a high school resume template that fits you. Then look for an application and edit your template.

3. Write Your Personal Details

To get the company to know you, you have to provide your details. Personal details include your full name, contact number, permanent address, and email address. Concerning your email address, you have to make it proper, and it should sound professional resume. Do not write an email address like this, "twinkletwinkle@…," because it gives a negative impression on your resume.

4. Write an Objective

How you present your objective will give an impact on who you are as an individual. In making your objective, don't just focus on what you will get from working for the company but focus on how your skills will benefit the company. Make your resume rise among other applicants' objectives. Equip your objectives with your skills, your experiences, and your understanding of the job qualifications. By this, the manager will notice you.

5. Include Work Experiences

To convince your employer that you have what it takes for the job, you have to provide your work experiences. Your experiences gave you chances to apply and improve your skills. So many companies look for people with job experiences because of the abilities they learned from working. However, don't fret if you have no job experience yet, because you have your skills, abilities, and knowledge that you learned from school and from other activities. To help you, insert your internship, training, and volunteer experience on the printable resume. These things serve as the builder for a job that you are applying for.

6. Provide Your Educational Attainment

Mostly, the most prominent things that people focus on are job experiences. However, education is also important. Sometimes, there will be an education requirement for the job you are seeking for. So include a brief section on your resume about your educational background.

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