Parents and guardians are one of the number one supporters a student has in their life. In school, a child will experience many events that are memorable. For parents to see their child doing their best or just enjoying themselves can fill up their lives. If you are an educator and would like to see more parent-child interactions in school, inviting these models can really benefit the confidence of the student. We highly encourage that you make use of our School Invitation Templates so that they can be informed of upcoming events. These are compatible with MS Word, MS Publisher, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Apple Pages for customization purposes. Get our products now!

How to Make a School Invitation

Involving yourselves in the school lives of your children can be very heartwarming. This is most especially when they seem so happy by your presence being at their school. Yet, there are more benefits to attending school programs than enjoyment and pride. The National Education Association has made a study that students achieve higher grades and test scores when the parents are more involved with school-related events and coordinate well with their children’s main educators. These children are also shown to have better social skills. Seeing that there are great benefits to parents and guardian involvement at school, institutions should always ensure that they become invited to special events in school as possible.

It is important to send out invitations weeks before an event. This is because parents and guardians can get quite busy. Nobody wants to miss special events like the annual day, graduation, or sports days. Whatever the event is, creating a memorable invitation will compel recipients to attend. So if you manage a school or is an educator, school invitations that are ready to send out can be of great help. So read more if you want to create a school invitation that is suitable for your institution.

1. Design According to Event

Not all invitations from school have to be formal. Having a fun card like a school sports invitation or graduation invitation allows parents and guardians to know what the event is about. Not only that, it allows the invitation to be appealing and chock-full of fun for everyone!

2. Use Minimal Words

Parents are always in a hurry. They have jobs and household things to attend to. While their children are important, it’s safe to assume that the less time they spend reading a long invitation, the better for them. Make sure the who, what, when, and where of the event is clear and visible for the parents to see. If you haven’t finalized the details of the upcoming event, pause the invite making and use an event planner to finalize everything.

3. Have a Ready-Made Multipurpose Invitation

Blank invitation cards are a great staple to have ready in a school file. While impromptu events don’t usually happen since teachers and school staff are known to be great planners, schools can become unpredictable. This can also serve as your go-to file for when you need to invite guardians to any or all important school celebrations.

4. Stick to Digital Copies

While invitations are great to receive, we highly suggest that you send these out through email. This is because printing can cause so much waste and so much money. Plus, there won’t be a compromise in the quality of the invitations if you digitally share it out. We do highly suggest that you send out PDF copies of the invitation since it can be easily opened and occupies little storage space, which is great for both you and your recipients’ electronic devices.

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