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What Is a School Plan?

A school plan sets forth the educational philosophy, aims, and how it is proposed to achieve it. It evolves as to what society and the school community needs. It must be regularly viewed, changed, and updated. The school plan also is a basis for the work of the school as a whole and to evaluate the whole development of the school and make a report out of it.

How to Start a School Plan

Strategic planning is necessary for starting a school plan. List the school plan ideas you want to include, and include necessary plans for it like a safety plan, school building plan, food plan, performance plan, study plan, action plan, and such. If you want to know more about how to start a school plan, below is a list of important factors to consider in starting a school plan.

1. Establish the School's Primary Features

The first important feature of the school is its own mission statement, vision, and aims. These factors serve as a preface for the school's service and the values and beliefs that the school stands for. Include a brief description of the school's profile like its history and context factors. Highlight the positive features of the school for promotion and advertising.

2. Describe Its Structural Form and Location

Schools have different architectures. Whether it would be an elementary school, a middle school, or even a high school, all schools have a different building and landscape. In your school plan, state as to what school you want and discuss whether it would be in an L shape or U shape, how many floors or do you want a school with only the ground floor. Also, include facilities like canteen to serve lunch for the students, library for research and lesson purposes, a clinic for safety plan of the students, etc. Include also the location of the school and its school district.

3. State Staff Members

Staff is a very crucial part of a school plan. Assign management that would effectively be a part of the development of your school. Hire them based on your mission, vision, and aims and ensure their quality of service through conducting training for them. Assign the staff as to who would be assigned for the school enrollment or who would be the school principal to facilitate the overall school.

4. Provide the School's Curriculum

Include the curriculum that you cater to in your school. Your curriculum is your asset to the success of your school. If your students are dissatisfied, it will greatly affect your school. If your school is an elementary school, include what subjects can be taken, provisions for children with special needs, and the extracurricular activities presented. If you are catering for high school, including clubs that can be joined, interesting subjects to take, and other exciting activities.

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