If you’ve tried working in a school, you’ll realize how much the job relies closely on schedules. Time management is a must to ensure that everything gets done or discussed in the allotted time. But why settle with schedules when you can use Gantt charts to make the data easier to understand. Another reason why you should use Gantt charts is that we have an entire collection of ready-made products for you. With our School Gantt Chart Templates, the layout is set and you simply need to input the needed data. Manage your school activities effectively by subscribing to our templates today!

What Is a School Gantt Chart?

Generally, Gantt charts are diagrams that illustrate activities over a given time frame. Businesses use these for project management. A school Gantt chart is similar, the only difference with this is that it’s intended for use in schools to manage the activities.

How to Make a School Gantt Chart

According to the website, MindTools, they consider scheduling as an art. Well, creating a Gantt chart will surely stimulate your artistic spirit. Laid out below are tips to help you balance the creativity and usability of your school Gantt chart.

1. Meet with the School Staff and Officials

Since you’re not making this Gantt chart for yourself, you need to get others involved in the process. These include teaching and non-teaching staff and everyone working in the school. This way, everyone will have an idea of the timetable of events set for the students and employees.

2. Prepare a List of Topics, Activities, and Events

Schools hold various activities and events throughout a semester or year. Before you start plotting the data on your Gantt chart, make sure to prepare a list of these activities. Include in this list the topics to discuss, events to celebrate, and exams to conduct.

3. Choose a User-Friendly Software to Make the Gantt Chart

You have a lot of options to choose from to make your school Gantt chart. When choosing a software application, go for something user-friendly to make the process easier for you. You can go with Microsoft Word or Excel, or maybe Apple Pages or Numbers if you’re a Mac user.

4. Plot the Schedules of Each Activity on the Timeline

Now that everything’s set up, start creating your school Gantt chart and plot the schedule of activities. If you need help in plotting the schedule, you can always refer to a calendar. And unlike regular schedules, Gantt charts come with progress bars to symbolize the duration of each activity.

5. Emphasize Critical Events in Your Gantt Chart

Another feature of Gantt charts that distinguish it from schedules is the emphasis on milestones. But in a school Gantt style, you can refer to these as examinations, university projects, or school accreditations. These are highlights that will bring a lot of attention to your institution.

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