Whether you run a fancy 5-star restaurant or a little cafe on the corner, a bit of presentation goes a long way. And some good presentation is definitely something that your menus can benefit from. If you need some help with putting together an elegant or classic menu design, check out our Ready-Made Vintage Menu Templates! Impress your diners with these printable and 100% customizable samples, easily editable in Adobe Photoshop; coming in sizes of 8.5x11, 5x7, and 4.25x11 inches. Have a look at our selection and download a professional menu template to make your own classy presentation of food, cocktails, and other servings!

How to Create Vintage Menus in Adobe Photoshop

A restaurant (or other similar businesses) takes plenty of hard work and dedication to run successfully. Not only do you have some general industry practices to take into account, but there are also the specific quirks that come with this particular field. To point out one example of these quirks, you have the establishment’s overall theme and presentation to consider.

In a page from restaurant.org, there are over 1 million restaurants found in the US. With so many other players in the game, standing out from the rest of the crowd can be pretty tough. This is why it’s imperative to establish a unique theme that can carry your brand.

When talking about the aesthetic of your coffee shop or burger diner, the menus are a forefront aspect of this. If your chosen aesthetic pays homage to times long since passed, then you’ll likely be interested in our Ready-Made Vintage Menu Templates! We’ve got designs to cover a multitude of tastes, from something in the vain of the mid 20th century to something else more akin to the Victorian Era. We even have some tips (below) to show how you can personalize these menu templates in Adobe Photoshop.

1. A Matching Menu Design for Your Business

Not everyone is a practiced artist or designer, so it’s understandable for anyone to have trouble thinking up an eye-catching design on their own. Fortunately, we offer a good number of our Ready-Made Vintage Menu Templates to help you out; you’ll find various themes suitable for a retro pizza shop or an elegant bistro. So, be mindful of your choice and pick something that caters best to what you’re going for.

2. Cook up Your Custom Menu in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a reliable, long-running program for different design/editing needs, making it a perfect fit for altering our samples!

After going through our collection of menu templates and downloading your choice, open the file in Photoshop and see what changes you can implement to the graphic design. But, if you prefer not to tamper with the visuals, it can be used as-is.

Now, when it comes to replacing the placeholder text and drafting the written content, you should do more than simply ensure that the information about your dishes is accurate. Coming up with some fun/creative dialog can add a little extra flair to separate yourself from other establishments.

3. Use Other Kinds of Material Too

Once you’re done with designing your menu, it’s time to think about other ways to improve your business.

Need to rake in more patrons to enjoy your delicacies? Put together a flyer and distribute copies for everyone to see (be mindful of places that prohibit soliciting).

Having trouble organizing the budget, supplies, and other aspects of your business? Create a planner to help you keep track of all that.

4. A Classy Showcase of Food

With your menu design completed, you’re ready to print out however many copies needed. Whether you serve Chinese cuisine or Mexican fast food, you can count on our food templates to show them off!

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