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What Is a Cash Voucher?

A voucher is a card document that usually grants the holder discount on certain products or services. A cash voucher is similar in that it is used by the employees or members of a company or organization who want to either use their petty cash funds, withdraw or loan. It can be used when the employee asks for reimbursement using their own money so long as they have kept the receipt and attach it to the cash voucher.

How to Make a Cash Voucher in Publisher?

The process of creating a cash voucher is similar to the process of creating a sample voucher. You have the option to download templates so you can easily customize its content or you can take the time to create one yourself. Below are some tips that you can use to create your cash voucher in Publisher.

1. Select Your Format

The first step to creating any type of voucher is selecting your format. The most common form of vouchers come in landscape format. However, you can also choose to make it in portrait format. The most important thing you need to remember is to leave enough space to fill in the necessary information.

2. Create a Draft

The next step to creating a voucher is coming up with a rough draft. The purpose of your rough draft is to help you decide on your layout for your voucher. You can use a sheet of paper to plan your layout. It's best to make around three to five so you can decide which one has the best layout.

3. The Content of the Voucher

Your cash voucher will need to include some important information. Before putting your information in, you need to make a list that can help guide you. You will have to add details such as the date, your customer's name, their initials, the reason for their reimbursement, an account code of where the reimbursement should be charged, and a signature to ensure legitimacy. You will need to have your customer put in the correct details for tracking purposes.. even possible discrepancies that can help you avoid lawsuits. It might be a good idea to attach a number to ensure that the cash voucher has been accounted to.

4. Company Branding and Design

Using your rough draft as the basis, you can create your cash voucher. Fill in the necessary information that you have listed down. Along with the information you have put, you will also want to add some information about your company or organization. Include the name of your company or organization, contact details such as number and email, and your company logo.

5. Set Some Policies

Another thing you need to add to your voucher is the policies in the usage. You will need to include someone who is responsible for the payment, a monthly reconciliation, a requirement for money receipt letters for purchases. You may even add some personal policies so long as they are based on past issues.

6. Review

It's important that you review the voucher you have just made. This is to make sure that when you print it, you won't have any mistakes included. Fix any typographical errors or even spelling errors. Make sure that your information is accurate.

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