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How to Make Discount Vouchers in MS Publisher?

Discount vouchers or discount coupons are hidden gems when it comes to business marketing. As we look back to the history of coupons, it all started in 1887 by the globally-known brand, Coca-cola. The company gave free Coke beverage to those who had handwritten vouchers. The company then grew and is, currently, still growing as the world's best-selling carbonated drink, all thanks to the solid strategy through utilizing vouchers. Business brands know exactly well the psychology behind the reason why special offers attract people more, which results in the boost of sales for the company. To help you create your very own discount voucher, here are some helpful steps to guide you into a prosperous business.

1. Know the Purpose Behind the Voucher

There can be many reasons why you are making a discount voucher. It can be for a promotional strategy, a holiday obligation, or a clearance sale, to name a few. You can have different reasons throughout the year, but the main goal of all is to deduct a specific amount to the purchase.

You also need to know what the voucher is for. You can use vouchers for any business. It can be for travel, hair salon, fast food, hotel, or even car wash. Discounts attract any customer no matter the goods and services; they are always curious when it comes to it.

2. Plan the Specs

Before going into the design, you have to plan the specifications first. The specifications include the amount of discount, the number of production, and the expiration of the voucher. You have to specify the significant details since there is always a limitation in everything, especially when it comes to business. In consideration of the state of the company, know how much the enterprise can give. You have to know that discounts are also a loss since, after all, there were deductions, so strategize well. Then, the production. Specify the number of discount vouchers as well as its expiry date. Expiration dates create an urge for consumers to buy sooner. So, think thoroughly about every detail.

3. Imagine an Appropriate Design

After the specifications, it is time to be creative. Open a new file in your trusted MS Publisher, and resize the blank paper to an apt voucher size which is 8.5 x 4 inches. Then, insert the designs! The design must be relevant to the purpose of the voucher. If it is for a restaurant, you can show the breakfast, lunch, or dinner meals that you want to offer. You can also create a modern voucher that only consists of patterns and minimal designs. It all depends on what you think is more eye-catching. For holiday obligatory discount vouchers, follow the concept of the celebration. If it is for Christmas, make it reflect in the voucher and add reds, reindeers, candy canes, and any design that speaks Christmas. Make the designs as appropriate to the discounted product or the company as possible. You can also add the company branding like the company logo for recognition.

4. Insert the Necessary Texts

The final step in making a discount voucher is incorporating the needed information. Insert the brand name, the discounted product, the percentage off, and the expiry date. Also, write the term and conditions to show the validity of the voucher. Arrange the pieces of information accordingly. Then, save and print! Discount coupons are also great presents, so give it to someone like gift vouchers.

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