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This post covers a well-curated list of graphic designs and templates of the Month! We know how graphic designers have to struggle with the overwhelming information that is available on the internet. So, our experts have curated this list by keeping our designers in mind. It has the latest and the newest collection of Icons, Fonts, Brushes, Patterns, Illustrations, Posters, and Mock-Ups. What more, all these and more for Free! Bookmark this page and download at your leisure!


June – 2017

Cona Typeface

cona typeface 788x

Scraggly Font

scraggly font

Adca Sans

adca sans 788x

Moare Font

moare font

Pricelist Display

pricelist display 788x

Etoffe du Pays

etoffe du pays

Symphonique Script

symphonique script

Coarse Fuzz Font

coarse fuzz font

Antipasto Pro

antipasto pro

Matthiola Font

matthiola font

Romantic Font

romantic font

Corn Font

corn font 788x

May – 2017

StarmiX Script

starmix script

Rainbow Bridge

rainbow bridge

Via Massena

via massena



Quando Typeface

quando typeface

Caminata One

caminata one

Sign Panters Script

sign panters script

April – 2017

The collection features stylish Fonts Design that range from simple san serif to script, fancy and calligraphic.

Flow Brush

flow brush font

Feather Script

feather script font

Lucky Dream

lucky dream script font

The high quality font has been created by Putra Khan . If you are looking for a modern, handmade and nicely crafted script font, this is the typeface that you should go for.

Barley Script

barley script font

Realist Typeface

realist typeface font

The given typeface font display is made by hand and has been inspired by classic posters. With a combination of highly vintage feels and the OpenType features put together on it, you can easily create an attractive harmonic message for your design. Realist comes with two variations of each variation combined with uppercase and lowercase letters.

March – 2017

The collection here comprises of a variety of fonts and typefaces. From the basic sans-serif and serif fonts to script fonts, vintage style fonts, calligraphic and decorative fonts, Handwritten Fonts, we have it all. This is the most recent and wide collection of fonts that you will find on the internet and all these fonts are available for free download.

Friends Font

friends script font

The font is called Friends Script Font and has being designed by Christoph Dörre. It is a mix of a script and handwritten font. The pro version has over 400 characters. Friends Script Fonts can be used for various purposes such as the envelope design, logo, title, wedding invitations, letterhead, labels, newsletters, signage, posters, badges, logo etc.

Ohio Brush

ohio brush font

Billy Ohio has a fast dry brush style and looks like a handwriting font. You can use it for a casual and fun design project. Billy Ohio the Brush was designed by alit design

Handwritten Script

handwritten script font

This is a Cursive Script Font that is suitable for personal as well as profession design. Include it in your font collection if you are looking for a nice and beautiful typeface.


snowboarding font

Snowboarding is a brand new font in the market by Octotype . The script font comes with loops and curves and has been designed with snow brush like effect. The font is available for free download for personal use only. You can use this font for your personal graphic design projects like poster, invitation and greeting card.Free Vintage Font

Be Perky Font

be perky script font

Be Perky is a beautiful and stylish script font that is available for free and comes with a complete commercial license. Use it for your personal and commercial design projects.

Rachella Script

rachella script font

Rachella Script Free Typeface is a new modern calligraphy Typeface Fonts collection from Ianmikraz studio. The collection features 270 glyphs and 87 alternate character contain with opentype features. The fonts are contemporary and looks similar to modern calligraphy.

Braggest Script

braggest script font

Give your typography design an edge with this script font designed by the studio of lostvoltype. The Braggest includes two lowercase characters and allows you to give a personal touch to your design with its handwriting like appearance.

New Mercado

new mercado font

Lie to Me

lie to me fonts

Lie to Me is a script style handwritten like font created by Misti’s font. The font is appropriate for personal use and can be used for invitations and greeting cards.

Fancy Free

fancy free font

Brush Font

brush font

Fonts play a very important in graphic design. The brush font provided here works very well for creative design. Slopes is a handmade Brush Font made with a brush pen. It comes with 400 characters with upper and lower case letters.

Simple Free Font

simple free font

Providing the user with a mix of texture, detail, and curve, the Simple Free Font offers the users with the best font style that will duly complement the diverse styles and nature of the project.

February – 2017

For the month of February, we have a great compilation of some fantastic san serif fonts. These are a part of our latest font collection and are available for free download. These fonts are surely going to add the aesthetic value to your design project.

Brotherina Script

brotherina script font

Finition Font

finition font

Free Animated

free animated font

Rowo Free Font

rowo free font

January – 2017

Whether you are looking for decorative fonts, script fonts or the good old school style fonts, we have it all here in the given compilation for January. This is clearly going to be the best graphic deal you’ll get for this month.

Cheera Script

cheera script font

Classic Man

classic man font

Hometown Script

hometown script font


June – 2017

Carpentry Icon

carpentry icon

UI Essentials

ui essentials 788x

Building Icon

building icon

Minimal Food Icons

minimal food icons 788x

Pet Icon

pet icon

Weather Icon

weather icons 788x520

Theatre Icon

theatre icon

Business Icons

business icons

May – 2017







Real Estate

real estate

Custom Line

custom line



Cinema and Media

cinema and media

After Effect

after effect

Social Network

social network

Cash Loan App

cash loan app

Sun Icons

sun icons

April – 2017

This is the perfect source for an unlimited icon collection, collected carefully from the most reliable web sources. The vector icons have newly designed and have been recently launched, make sure you get the stock of your choice.


food icons


line icons

Vector line icons are everyone’s most favourite icons these days and therefore have a huge demand.


like icons

Like icon is an important icon that everyone is using, especially ever since the popularity of social media websites like Facebook. Here is a collection that provides you with Like icons in variety of styles.

March – 2017

If you are looking for icons to use in your website design or mobile app design, you are at the right place. In the collection given below, we have all kinds of icons, they come in various styles, colors, and designs. Whether you are looking for social media icons or music icons, or round shaped icons, you will find the complete range here.

Technological Device

technological device icons

The collection here comprises of technological device icons and all these icons are available for free download. You can also edit the given vector file using InDesign. These Flat Icons are colorful and easy to recognize.

Outline Multimedia

outline multimedia icons

These outline Multimedia Icons are available for free and you can use them for your web design and app design project. It is SVG outline icons for audio and video player and supports ico, icns and png file.

Mobile Phone Menu

mobile phone menu icons


banking icons

Use this PSD file to download this set icons that bring you a variety of banking icons. The file can be altered and you can make changes and edit the file in Photoshop.

If you like minimalistic and lined icons, this is the set that you should go for. The set comprises 32 free vector Line Icons available in AI (Adobe Illustrator) format. These are going to be useful for designers to quickly create logo designs or use it on your next UI projects

Free PSD Social

free psd social icons

This pack consists of 89 essential vector icons. They are available in flat as well as linear style. In addition, these icons are available in various formats, AI, EPS, SVG, PNG and Sketch. These icons are great for designers as well as developers. Use these icons to create your own UI design, mobile app, logo, and other design projects.

Color Filled UI

color filled ui icons

Social Media Icons Pack

social media icons pack

Social Media Icons can be seen on all websites and blogs these days. They help in creating an interactive platform by linking the website with its social media profile. Download these social media vectors from the link given above. These vectors are easily editable using InDesign.


music icons


easter icons


anniversary icons

Web Technology Development

web technology development icons

Black Flash

black flash icons


discovery icons

Seamless Weather

seamless weather icon kit

The Weather Icons kit comes with an assorted list of icons that cover a range of change in weather. The kit can help you in clearly representing each weather in your design.

Sports Icons Pack

sports icons pack

The sports icons pack gives a fun and jovial turn around to the conventionally designed sports sign. The shape and the style duly reflect the physical trait of the sport. We also have a huge collection of Free Icons which are updated daily.

February – 2017

The collection has some great linear icons, the best that you could find online. All these icons are available for free and will be a perfect addition to your website or mobile app design. Also, don’t forget to check out this month’s free WordPress templates.

Outline PSD

outline psd icons

Free Transport

free transport icons

January – 2017

The flat icons given here are going to give a design boost to your website or mobile app design. The given icons are perfect to compliment your webpage design.

Education Paper

education flat icons

Leisure Line

leisure line icons


June – 2017

Red Circles Pattern

red circles pattern

Fruit Illustrator Pattern

fruit illustrator pattern 788x

Green Pattern

green pattern

Floral Vector Pattern

floral vector pattern

Scales Seamless Pattern

scales seamless pattern

Multicolor Leaves

multicolor leaves

Lines Pattern

lines pattern

May – 2017



Watermelon Background

watermelon background

Wood Cut

wood cut



Event Page Cover

event page cover



April – 2017

Spring has arrived and our pattern collection does showcases and features spring themed pattern. There are colorful patterns, floral patterns, plant patterns and the choices are endless.

Watercolor Seamless

watercolor seamless patterns

Yellow Flower

yellow flower pattern

Free Oriental

free oriental patterns

Fruit Pattern Collection

fruit pattern collection

Watercolor Flowers

watercolor pattern

The pattern features beautifully created watercolor floral design. The seamless pattern can be used in all kinds of modern, minimalistic design projects.

Pastel Color Boho

pastel color boho pattern

The boho pattern signifies nonchalance and the use of pastel colors make the pattern look verr playful. The pattern looks very trendy and is perfect for fashion related design projects.


contemporary pattern

Flat Diamond

flat collection diamond pattern

Plant Pattern

plant pattern

March – 2017

Patterns are formed when a particular design is repeated and the creation looks aesthetically suitable to be used as a design element. You can use these patterns in various design projects. In the given collection we have a variety of pattern design templates that you can use directly or use them to accentuate your project.

Decorative Heart

decorative heart patterns

This is a high quality decorative pattern comprising of subtle hearts in adorable colors. These patters are perfect for fashion and lifestyle website, blogs, poster and other such projects.

Ths is an interesting Pattern Designs with leaves and Gorillas. The artist who designed this pattern was inspired from Harambe, the Gorilla. The pattern looks wacky and looks perfect for t-shirt prints.

Hand Drawn Diamond

hand drawn diamond pattern

These minimalist pattern are perfect for background design because of their soft colors neat design. The two color play works very well for the diamond pattern design.

Seamless Striped

seamless striped patterns

Striped patterns are never out of season. You can use them with infinite themes and with infinite designs. They can provide a touch of playfulness to your design. This Seamless Pattern background with vector illustration patterns can be used for scrapbooking, website background, book cover, packaging, greeting cards, invitations and more.

Ethnic Geometric

ethnic geometric pattern

Seamless Hand Drawn

seamless hand drawn patterns

Flower Pattern

flower pattern

Star Pattern

star pattern

Pattern Work Design

pattern work design

Zig Zag Pattern Design

zig zag pattern design

BP Characters

bp characters pattern

Simple Pattern Design

simple pattern design

Showing a mix of both stars and circles, the simple and varied size pattern can work beautifully as a background design to many projects.

Floral Textile

floral textile pattern

The romantic rose patterns work beautifully as background images. The pattern features a beautiful red, making it perfect for the soft and nature inspired designs. Check out this huge collection of Patterns too.

February – 2017

Wild West

wild west pattern

January – 2017

Colorful Patterns

colorful patterns

Decorative Geometric Pattern

decorative geometric pattern


June – 2017

Tile Texture

tile texture

Sea Relax Texture

sea relax texture

Old Wood Texture

old wood texture

Rustic Wood Texture

rustic wood texture

Wooden Door Texture

wooden door texture

May – 2017







Brown Paper

brown paper



Sand Texture

sand texture







April – 2017

Graphic designer are constantly looking for texture designs that are unmatched. Textures bring a certain uniqueness to the design. Every month we try and bring you a fresh collection of textures that multiplies the value of your design.

Water Droplets

droplet texture

Wood Textures

wood textures

Metallic Marble Texture

metallic marble texture

The high quality texture collection is available for free download. This exclusive marble texture collection includes a set of 5 metallic marble textures with glittery finishes. These beautiful marble textures in high resolution 2000×2000 pixels are perfect for print design, surface design, invitation cards, textiles and more.

Collection of Dark Wood Textures

collection of dark wood textures

March – 2017

Textures provide a design with a certain feel and character. It helps the design to communicate and therefore plays an important role as a design element. There is a variety of texture designs that you can find in the collection given here. From the popular marble textures to the recent urban textures, we have tried to provide you with the best of textures available in the internet.

Orange Grunge Texture

orange grunge texture

Marbling Texture

marbling texture

The popularity of marble pattern is something we are aware of. It looks classy and elegant and has a factor of timelessness attached to it. The given set comes with 5 digital Marble Textures with iridescent colors.

Artistic Watercolor Texture

artistic watercolor texture

Urban Textures

urban textures

The given file is available for free download. It includes 3 minimalist, clean and modern textures. The textures can be used as hero image for your website, for an ad banner, to promote your work, photos, titles or other designs.

Grunge Wall Texture

grunge wall texture

Painted Texture

painted texture

High Quality Leather Textures

leather texture

Turquoise Grunge Texture

turquoise grunge texture

Blue Paint Texture

blue paint texture

February – 2017

Black and White Texture

black and white texture

Watercolor Texture

watercolor texture

January – 2017

Black Grunge Textures

black grunge textures

Scratched Metal Textures

scratched metal textures


June – 2017

Play Station

play station 788x

Funhouse Illustration

funhouse illustration

Women Actions

women actions

Bakery Illustrations

bakery illustrations

Gibbons Sitting Signs

gibbons sitting signs

Vector Trees Illustration

vector trees illustration

Potted Plants

potted plants

May – 2017

App Illustration

app illustrations

Communion Girl

communion girl





Firearm Safety

firearm safety

Meeting Illustration

meeting illustration

Editorial Illustrations

editorial illustrations



April – 2017

Enhance your design work with our exclusive and free illustration collection. From colorful to black and white, we have it all, collected especially for our readers.

Watercolor Butterfly Illustrations

watercolor butterfly illustrations

Food Illustrations

food illustrations

Black and White Illustrations

black and white illustrations

March – 2017

If you are looking for some ideas and inspiration to create an interesting illustration, we have a huge collection for you. The collection is constantly updated to bring the best from the internet to you.

Thank You Illustration

thank you illustration

If you are interested in detailed and tightly designed illustration, here is something that would interest you. Everything about the illustration from colors, to details to patterns, is impressive.

Character Design Illustration

character design illustration

Animal Illustrations

animal illustrations

Cafe Illustration

cafe illustration

Night Scenery Illustration

night scenery illustration

Love Illustration

love illustration

Fantasy Scene Illustration

fantasy scene illustration

Cover Illustrations

cover illustrations

Landscape Illustrations

landscape illustrations

Conceptual Illustrations

conceptual illustrations

Skate Park Illustrations

skate park illustrations

Mountain Flat Illustrations

mountain flat illustrations

Colorful Illustration of Men

colorful illustration of men

Colorful illustrations can immediately draw the attention of the eye to the design and also make the project appear equally attractive and alluring. Also check out our collection of Graphic Design Illustrations here.

February – 2017

Vintage Illustrations

vintage illustrations

Cartoon Illustration

cartoon illustration

January – 2017

Brand Illustrations

brand illustrations


June – 2017

Paint Stroke Brushes

paint stroke brushes

Abstract Brushes

abstract brushes

Dirty Paint Photoshop Brushes

dirty paint photoshop brushes

Grass Brushes

grass brushes

Concrete Paint Brushes

concrete paint brushes

Twist Brushes

twist brushes 788x

May – 2017

Black Paint

black paint

Flowing Ink Effect

flowing ink effect



Splatter Grunge

splatter grunge

Round Stoke

round stoke



April – 2017

If you work on Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign or any graphic design software, you must constantly be in need of design brushes. The brushes help in creating fantastic design without much effort and time investment.

Chain Photoshop Brushes

chain photoshop brushes

March – 2017

Here is a collection of brushes that all graphic design enthusiasts should download. These brushes will help you stylize your design and provide a variety to it.

Floral Photoshop Brushes

floral photoshop brushes

Scary Brushes

scary brushes

Jelly Fish Photoshop Brushes

jelly fish photoshop brushes

Arrow Photoshop Brushes

arrow photoshop brushes

Black Paint Brush Strokes

black paint brush strokes

Paint brushes are an essential element in any design, the more the variety, the more authentic and creative is the final output. This diverse set of black paint brushes strokes allows you to actively experiment with your design. For more Photoshop brushes Click here.

February – 2017

Distressing Brushes

distressing brushes

January – 2017

Fur Brushes

fur brushes

Free Photoshop Brushes

free photoshop brushes


June – 2017

Friendship Day

friendship day

Christmas Design

christmas design

Seaweed Vector

seaweed vector 788x

Colorful Pride Day

colorful pride day

Flower Icon Vector

flower icon vector

Kindergarten Element Vector

kindergarten element vector 788x

Baby Playing

baby playing

Wedding Vector Elements

wedding vector elements

Hand Drawn Butterflies

hand drawn butterflies

Spring Flower

spring flower

Audio Tools

audio tools 788x

May – 2017

Natural leaves

natural leaves





Strass Gem

strass gem



Just Married

just married

April – 2017

The vector files given here are going to help you with all your graphic design related needs. Whether it is a poster design, invitation design, card design, you can always take help from the vectors available here. We update the vector and bring your new and updated collection every month.

Funny Waves Vector

funny waves vector

Cute Owl Card Vectors

cute owl card vectors

Sport Balls Vector

sport balls vector

This is a sports vector collection that you can edit and make changes to. In order to customise the vector you need a design software like Photoshop or Illustrator.

Sport Badges Vector

sport badges vector

Heart Character Vectors

heart character vectors

These adorable heart vectors are available for free download. With these high quality vectors, you can easily make changes to size without affecting or degrading the quality of the vector.

March 2017

Here is a collection of two-dimensional vector graphics that you can use in various design projects like, website design, poster design, invitation design etc. These vectors are mostly available in PSD or AI format and can also be edited using Photoshop, illustrator and other such graphic design software.

Flat Automobile Vectors

flat automobile vectors

Business Man with Speech Bubble Vector

business man with speech bubble vector

Decorative Wedding Frame Vector

decorative wedding frame vector

Social Network Vector

social network vector

Business Design Collection Vector

business design collection vector

Hand Gestures Vector Pack

hand gestures vector pack

St Patrick’s Day Flat Elements Vector

st patrick%e2%80%99s day flat elements vector

Web Design Collection Vector

web design collection vector

Creative Sketch Vector

creative sketch vector

Flower Vector Design

flower vector design

Vector Web Design Pack

vector web design pack

This Coffee Vectors clip art comes with the set of 13 items that are theme specific and fun to incorporate in the design. Carrying a natural hand-drawn effect, the vector design pack is definitely one functional download.

Brush Stroke Vectors

brush stroke vectors

The brush stroke vector set includes a varied mix of strokes that will not only help you play around with a number of styles but also give a natural texture to the design. You can choose the one that best complements and enhances your design.

February – 2017

Education Concept Vector

education concept vector

January – 2017

Kids and Signals Vector

kids and signals vector


June – 2017

Sauce Bottle

sauce bottle

Slipcase Book Mockup

slipcase book mockups

Cosmetic Packaging

cosmetic packaging

Branding Identity

branding identity

Dairy Product

dairy product

Apple iMac Pro

apple imac pro 788x

Hanging T-shirt

hanging t shirt

IMac Pro

imac pro

May – 2017

Digital Tablet

digital tablet

Playing Card

playing card

April – 2017

Bring your design to life with our fabulous mockup collection. We have tried and include a lot of variety for you for this month. From billboard mockups to free mug mockups to brochure mockup design, you can find all kinds of mockup designs here.

Table Calendar Mockup

table cakendar mockup

Greeting Card Mockup

greeting card mockup

Day Dream Mockup Template

day dream mockup template

The mockup is available for free download for commercial as well as personal use. This is a free Google Daydream Mock-Up Template available in PSD format. With this mockup you can showcase your smartphone screen design. The smart-layer gives your design a flawless and excellent look.

Bus Stop Billboard Mockup

bus stop billboard mockup

Creating a billboard design was never this easy. Download the free mockup and create an effective billboard design to present your clients.

Mug Mockup Design

mug mockup design

Brochure Mockup for Designers

brochure mockup for designers

March – 2017

The collection comprises of various design mockups that are fully editable and can be customized as per the requirement. From coffee mug mockup to poster mockup to photo frame, we have it all here and we care constantly updating these for you.

Gift Boxes Mockup

gift boxes mockup

Photo Frame Mockup

photo frame mockup

A4 Bifold Mockup

a4 bifold mockup

Protein Shaker Bottle Mockup

protein shaker bottle mockup

Holding Poster Mockup

holding poster mockup

Hanging Wall Sign Mockup

hanging wall sign mockup

Paper Glass Mockup

paper glass mockup

Free Paper Bag Mockup

free paper bag mockup

Greeting Card Invitation Mockup

greeting card invitation mockup

Corporate Branding Mockup

corporate branding mockup

Realistic Magazine Brochure Mockup

realistic magazine brochure mockup

Photorealistic Macbook Pro Mockup

photorealistic macbook pro mockup

Pickup Truck Mockup

pickup truck mockup

Shampoo Bottle Mockup

shampoo bottle mockup

Shampoo Bottle Mockups template comes with a high definition finish and a photorealistic appearance that you can not just present on your cards but also use to impress your clients. The mockup is easy to download and can be used efficiently and quickly. For more Mockups Click here.

February – 2017

Magazine Mockup Template

magazine mockup template

Color Pouch Can Mockup

color pouch can mockup

The color pouch can mockup comes with a set of 8 high definition pouch mockups that can work well with a number of designs and look equally good as a large logo or painted roughly on the wall. You can easily replace and edit the content as per requirement.

Soft iPhone Mockup

soft iphone mock up

Book Mockup

book mockup

January – 2017

Outdoor Advertising Poster Mockup

outdoor advertising poster mockup

Can Mockup

can mockup


June – 2017

Colored Web Buttons

colored web buttons

Shiny Green Buttons

shiny green buttons

Realistic Wifi Buttons

realistic wifi buttons

Web Buttons Set

web buttons set

Blue Wifi Buttons

blue wifi buttons

Classic Web Buttons

classic web buttons

May – 2017



Multi Coloured

multi coloured



On off

on off



April – 2017

Web buttons play a crucial role in a webpage or website. They help in making the website interactive and user friendly. Make sure to have a variety of web button collectio, and with our constant updates every month, that’s not going to be a difficult task.

March – 2017

A website developer/designers know how important buttons are. These buttons help in making the user experience better by making things easy and less complicated. If you want to add them on your website, this is where you should stop as we have a collection of all kinds of buttons that you would need while developing a website, blog or a mobile app.

Round Phone Buttons

round phone buttons

Gear Buttons

gear buttons

Contact Web Buttons

contact web buttons

Contact Buttons

contact buttons

Web Element Buttons

web element buttons

The contact web button collection vector offers the users with a number of contact buttons to make your next exchange clear and convenient.

February – 2017

Colorful Social Media Buttons

colorful social media buttons

January – 2017

Play Button

play button

Web Elements

March 2017

Web UI Elements

web ui elements

Web Elements Design

web elements design

February – 2017

Haus Love Responsive Web Design

haus love responsive web design

The black and white scheme of the website allows the photos to be the sole dominant image and center of attraction. The focus has been laid not on the blank use of color but on increasing the appeal of each and every spec of color. Check out this huge collection of Web Elements too.

Free Web Element Design

free web element design

Magazine Layout

June – 2017

Abstract Triangular

abstract triangular

Food Joints Article

food joints article 788x

Geometric Magazine Layout

geometric magazine layout

Travel Edition

travel edition 788x

Polygonal Magazine Layout

polygonal magazine layout

Modern Green

modern green

May – 2017

Editorial Design

editorial design



Graphic Design

graphic design

April – 2017

A ready made magazine layout makes a designer’s job a lot easy. They provide you with the basic design based on which you can build upon the magazine. The collection here provides you with effective magazine layout templates that you can use to create a relevant magazine design.

Clear Magazine Template

clear magazine template

Free Magazine Design Template

free magazine design template

March – 2017

Creating and designing a magazine is certainly not a very task. But if you have a layout ready, things can be a lot easy. So after carefully surfing the internet, we have brought for you some fantastic magazine layouts that are easy to use. Check out the collection given below.

Professional Magazine Layout

professional magazine layout


June – 2017

Monthly Newsletter

monthly newsletter 788x

Editors Picks

editors picks 788x

Valentine’s Day

valentines day1 788x

Company Newsletter

company newsletter 788x

May – 2017



Easter Email

easter email

Un Rozee


March – 2017

Creating newsletter has now become as easy as downloading a newsletter. With all the templates given below, all you need to do is download the newsletter template, edit it with the help the graphic design software it is compatible with, make the required changes, add text and images and you are done.

Property Newsletter Design

property newsletter design

Score Newsletter

score newsletter

Basic Newsletter Design

basic newsletter design

Dark Theme Newsletter Signup Template

dark theme newsletter signup template

Newsletter PSD Template

newsletter psd template

Fashion Newsletter

fashion newsletter

One of the most inspiring choices for a newsletter, the uncovered advertising newsletter offers the readers and the viewers with the best blend of comfortable layout and captivating color and design.

Email Newsletter Template

email newsletter template

The Email Newsletter Templates brings the design back to the basic with a simple block layout that judiciously balances the images and the content.

February – 2017

Newsletter Layout Template

newsletter layout template

January – 2017

Printable Newsletter Template

printable newsletter template


June – 2017

Abstract Modern Banner

abstract modern banner

Colorful Origami Banner

colorful origami banner

Christmas Banners

christmas banners

Business Banner

business banner

Free Sash Banner

free sash banner

Infographic Banner

infographic banner

Halloween Banner

halloween banner

May – 2017

Fruit Juice Banners

fruit juice banners

Promotional Seminar

promotional seminar

Facebook Timeline

facebook timeline

Social Media

social media

Summer Banner

summer banner

Swimming Pool

swimming pool

April – 2017

Banners are an essential part of marketing and advertising. There are various styles in which banner templates are created and depending on the product and service you want to advertise on the banner you can choose your design. Check out this month’s banner collection to choose from a variety of options available.

Tool Box Banners

tool box banners

Cook Banners

cook banners

The given restaurant banner vector provides you with a high quality banner design that you can use to advertise your restaurant or cafe. You can make all kinds of changes to the design, add text , customise images and change colors.

Colorful Modern Banners

colorful modern banners

March – 2017

The collection comprises of various banner designs that are can be used in various industries and are also suitable for personal use. The template helps in providing a layout where you can make changes and make further additions, like text and images. These designs and templates have been carefully curated from all over the internet and are provided to you under a single platform. These banners are available for free download.

Watercolor Artistic Banners

watercolor artistic banners

Yellow Geometric Banners

yellow geometric banners

Cafe Banners

cafe banners

World Health Day Banners

world health day banners

World Book Day Banners

world book day banners

Mail Box Banners

mail box banners

Education Banners

education banners

Abstract Colorful Banner Design

abstract colorful banner design

Vintage Spring Banners

vintage spring banners

Landscape Banner with Mountains

landscape banner with mountains

The landscape banner with mountains and forest carries a sketched feel that is well balanced with clear stroke and striking contrast. Here are few more Banner Templates for you.

YouTube Banner Template

youtube banner template

The YouTube banner template offers the user with an arresting mix of layout, colors, and patterns. The banner template right from its first look can help you increase the appeal and the reach of your channel.

February – 2017

Food Banners

food banners

Earth Day Banner

earth day banner

Ballet Workshop Outdoor Banner

ballet workshop outdoor banner

Cherry Blossom Banner

cherry blossom banner

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