A calendar is something that you find everywhere. It is an excellent tool for timekeeping, and it is "the" tool to tell you what day, month, and the year it is. Even in the human resources department, a calendar serves as a very vital tool for planning and management. It is used in tasks such as payroll processing as well as talent management. Employees always consult the calendar for upcoming events and quarterly activities. If you are planning on crafting your own calendar, you can take a look at our website's numerous ready-made HR calendar template. Downloading them is easy as they are available in MS Word, Google Docs, Apple Pages, Google Sheets, etc, and you can edit them to suit your needs.

How to Create an HR Calendar?

It is highly likely that your company is full of activities, and keeping track of them without a calendar would be an arduous task. Planning your company's events without them is also a nigh-impossible task. Well, you can always pick a standard calendar from the market and ignore the fact that they are bland and artless. But why should you? There is always the option of designing your own calendar. You can customize them to look based on your preference and brighten up your workplace. But before you could add your personalized HR calendar to your workspace, you should learn how to make one first. Right below are some basic tips to help you with crafting your own calendar.

1. Conceptualize How Your Calendar Would Look Like

Having a complete image of how your HR calendar would look is helpful, this will require you to be creative, bring out the inner artist within you. You can begin by choosing a theme for your calendar to brighten it up. This will depend on your taste. You can then plan the functional portion of the calendar. Choose what purpose will your calendar serve, is it an event calendar? Or perhaps its an activity calendar? This will help you decide what additional information you will include. You should choose the size of your calendar as well as how many months you will fit a single page. For example, you can choose to put all twelve months on that single page, or maybe you'd put two. This again will depend on you.

2. Pick A Software to Edit Your Calendar

Ok, let's assume you are done visualizing how your calendar would appear. Now you can select a software to help you edit your calendar and turn your ideas into reality. You won't need purpose-built graphics design software to create your calendar. You can use software that you can find in your office computer. An excellent example of this is Microsoft Publisher because it provides you with adequate design templates that you could utilize to create the basic features of a typical calendar. The rest is up to how creative you can get.

3. Add the Relevant Details

Again let's assume that you now have a basic calendar. You can now proceed to add the relevant features on your calendar. You can start looking up the details you'll need. Details like schedules and planned activities for increasing employee performance and other events. It would be best if you also looked up relevant yearly events as well as your national and local holidays. By now, your calendar should complete, design-wise. Before you go the final step, you should check for errors and mistakes so that you won't waste any money or materials.

4. Print Your Calendar

Right now, you have completed your calendar's design. Once you've done some final checks and made sure you're satisfied. Your calendar is now ready for print. You can go to a printing shop and have your customized calendar printed. Once printed, check for printing errors before paying and accepting the finished product. After all these tips, Voila! You have a customized HR calendar.

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