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Door Hangers are one of the creative signage tools people use to inform guests and passersby about their privacy or activities. Should you get tired of makeshift methods that look untidy at your hotel room door, you can always count on these tangible decors to inform people not to disturb you or clean your room while you’re away.  door-hangers

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Door Hanger Definition and Meaning

Door hangers are cardboard or plastic cut-out designs hung from a door handle or doorknob. They can be used as advertising materials, but they’re more commonly used as “do not disturb” signages.

What Is a Door Hanger?

Door hangers are small pieces of rectangular signages cut in a specific way to be hung easily on a door handle like a wreath.

They are commonly found on real estate properties for advertising and marketing purposes and in hotel doors, barn doors, and garages for personal use.

10 Types of Door Hanger

Real Estate Door Hanger

Businesses in the real estate industry can use a real estate door hanger as their marketing tool to promote brand new properties and available real estate agents.


Wedding Door Hanger

Wedding Door Hangers can come in handy when promoting beach, church, and civil weddings. Plus, they are an excellent invitational tool for inviting people with a high profile to these events. 


Cleaning Service Door Hanger

Cleaning companies usually hung cleaning service door hangers on commercial or residential properties as a marketing strategy to attract more clients requiring a simple cleaning service to a total cleanup package.


Hotel Door Hanger

Hotel door hangers with a “do not disturb” sign are used mainly by guests whenever they have something important or private to attend inside their room, like attending a virtual meeting or resting.

Marketing Door Hanger

Different types of companies increase their chances of reaching more customers by promoting their products and services using marketing door hangers because they are relatively simple and easy to distribute.

Hospital Door Hanger

Hospital door hangers look like circular wooden hangers with a bow on top containing a baby’s name, typically used whenever a patient or a new mother takes care of a newborn kid.

Teacher Door Hanger

Teacher door hangers can have a circular or rectangular decorative shape that contains different design elements depending on the teacher’s preference to indicate the whereabouts of their students or fellow teachers.

Construction Door Hanger

Construction door hangers are used on construction sites to display notices such as “no PPE, no entry” or “caution, construction barricade.” Construction companies may also use these hangers as a marketing tool to advertise new roofing services, wall repairs, and other various construction jobs.

Advertising Door Hanger

Advertising door hangers work best in promoting new products, sales, and discounts because they are affordable, handy, and can attract potential customers in no time.

Handyman Door Hanger

Handyman door hangers notify people of the services done by handymen like simple electrical and plumbing repair jobs. It usually contains the company’s contact details so that customers have a way of reaching out to them.

Door Hanger Uses, Purpose, Importance

Door hangers can come in various designs, highlighting the owner’s intention or activities by hanging the item on a door handle. Commonly used for marketing or personal usage, door hangers are important because they can deliver information fast in the simplest way possible.

Advertising a Business

Different businesses can get creative and innovative by advertising their products or services using a door hanger. Over the years, door hangers have proved their success as an advertising tool when properly utilized.

Promote a Sale

Some businesses can also promote a sale by resorting to promotional door hangers as their advertising tool, resulting in higher customer traffic and sales.

Promote an Event

Companies or organizations can also use door hangers to invite guests and promote a particular event they’re hosting, such as a Christmas party, a farewell ceremony, or a summer party.

Coupon Distribution

During a sale, door hangers can be used to distribute discount coupons to the public, allowing customers to avail discounts on particular products or services.

Increase in Brand Awareness

Door hangers are also necessary for businesses since they are inexpensive and can help increase brand awareness by letting more potential customers know what you do. 

What’s in a Door Hanger? Parts?


The title is the essential part of the door hanger that immediately gives the reader an idea of what the hanger is all about.

Main Text

The main text explains the content of the door hanger in further detail. Since door hangers are generally small, this part must be brief but concise.

Call to Action

Written usually after the main text, the call to action tells the reader what should be done next. Similar to the main text, this should be short but concise.

Contact Information

Since some door hangers are usually used for marketing, it’s also essential to have contact information present. They can be the address of your business, phone numbers, email addresses, and social media profiles.


This part of the door hanger dictates its overall visual appeal. They must match the content, as a door hanger can’t have design elements of a wedding event if it’s advertising real estate.


How to Design a Door Hanger

1. Choose a door hanger size

2. Decide on the purpose of the door hanger

3. Pick a door hanger template

4. Modify the contents of the template according to the purpose

5. Add the appropriate graphics/photos

6. Finalize and download


Door Hanger vs. Shims

A door hanger is a small piece of plastic, or cardboard signage hung at a door handle for advertising or personal purposes.

On the other hand, shims are thin, tapered pieces of material, such as wood, metal, or stone, used to fill the gaps between things, such as door frames and hinges.

What’s the Difference Between Door Hanger and Door Stickers?

Door hangers are pieces of cardboard or plastic cut in a specific way to be easily hung on door handles or doorknobs.

Door stickers are papers or pieces of cardboard that can be attached to any part of the door surfaces such as glass or wood via an adhesive on the paper’s other side.

Door Hanger Sizes

The most common door hanger sizes that are available for widespread use are the following:



Door Hanger Ideas and Examples

Here are some door hanger ideas that can help you if you’re on the lookout for one:

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How to make a bow for a door hanger?

Gather the necessary DIY materials, such as the ribbon to be used as a bow, a florist wire, and scissors, then twist the material to the desired shape.

How to create a door hanger in Word?

Start by selecting the appropriate size of the door hanger, choose the topic to be presented, then manually add the necessary elements such as the title, main text, call to action, design elements, and contact information.

What is front-door marketing?

Front-door marketing is a type of marketing strategy that involves using door hangers or stickers to reach and get the attention of potential customers.

Can you print on both sides of a door hanger?

Yes, it is possible to print on both sides of a door hanger since the main text can take up most of the front side of a door hanger.

What response is typical for a door hanger campaign?

Customers usually pick up and read door hangers during a door hanger campaign since they respond positively to tangible materials.

How to design door hangers in Photoshop?

Get a door hanger template of your choice, open it in Photoshop, and replace the elements with the appropriate ones for the chosen topic.

How to make a fall welcome door hanger?

Pick a size, add the necessary content, and ensure the design elements are appropriate to the fall theme. 

What to include on great restaurant door hangers?

The main text should talk about the restaurant, such as its promos, discounts, and menu; simultaneously, the design elements should also be appropriate to the restaurant.

How to make a wood door hanger?

Gather the necessary materials, such as wood and art materials, write the appropriate message, decorate it with a bow, and hang it on the door.

How to make your own door hangers on a Mac?

Pick a door hanger template, open it on a Mac, edit its contents, then add the necessary design elements to complete the door hanger.