Top 30+ Best Email Advertising Templates

When you send out email advertisements, the presentation of your information is what will get the potential customer’s attentions. The presentation gives the customer an idea about how serious you are with your work.

Create a great impression with some of the following templates, and get more responses from targeted customers. The templates are easy to use and diverse, giving you several options on how to present your products and services to potential buyers.

Minishow Email Template

  • 77729477

A Template that is very popular since it come with several different themes, 160 in total, allowing you to create a different look with each email advertising campaign.

Business Essentials HTML Email

  • 86495513

This is a great template when you want a HTML email template. It comes in 20 different designs, and is compatible with a vast array of email tools, making it versatile.

Gorgeous Email Template

  • 89555548

An interactive template that allows the reader to send queries, and the content is easily viewed. It has 5 colors, 16 layouts and 8 block modules.

Retinadore Email Newsletter Template

  • 69768544

With email marketing ruling the roost, a lot of companies send newsletters via emails to the users giving them a sneak peek into the happenings and developments. These have to be concise but at the same time engaging, which is why using an email newsletter template is a great idea. You only need to customize and it is ready to be shared.

Vision Ecommerce Corporate Email Template

  • 30181270

A Templates package that has 270 different templates, 9 colors, and 15 layouts. It has light and dark variants.

Metro Newsletter with Template Builder

  • 8954658

Has a template builder and several templates that you can customize.

Ninja Mailer Premium Email Template

  • 64558768

With 120 templates in the pack, you will present uniqueness with each campaign.

Catch Email Template

  • 34911962

Easily customizable template that requires minimal technical knowledge. The pack has 110 templates allowing you to alter successive email advertisement emails.

Loose Leaf Newsletter with Template Builder

  • 27549428

This is a package that comes with over 400 templates and an inbuilt template builder, enabling you to customize the template within.

Felis Newsletter Email Marketing Template

  • 15096161

A versatile template with over 40 HTML files and 7 pre-build files.

ProShopMail E-Mail Template

  • 12563235

This is a unique email advertizing template with several templates that are compatible with popular email marketing service providers.

Cube E-mail Newsletter

  • 79786105

24 email marketing templates with 6 colors and 4 structures making a great option for unique advertising. You also get 10 social media icons free.

ColdJuice Professional Email Templates

  • 70499882

These are made using Photoshop, and has 6 layered files, which you can customize if you are adept at using the software. The package comes with over 40 templates.

Dynamic Emailer Premium Email Template

  • 15851456

The pack comes with over 10 layouts that have been set out for you, and has 120 email templates.

Shop News Email Template

  • 34461199

This is a template ideal for most ecommerce and sales, but can also be adopted to fit any niche. It is attuned to most email readers. The templates have clean HTML coding.

Clean Mail

  • 61625723

This is a minimalist template that gives a professional look. It has 60 HTML templates in 6 colors, 5 layouts and 2 backgrounds.


  • 7043123

This is a metro style email template that is suitable for marketing products from any niche. It works well with all service providers, and also fits many types of browsers.


  • 72772436

This is a HTML template that works with several browsers including mobile browsers. It is colorful and comes with 11 color schemes and 10 pre-built layouts. The templates are great for any type of business.


  • 94078814

This is a template that is very versatile since it comes with a template generator. The generator allows you to make unlimited changes to the template. This provides you with the opportunity to have unique email adverts every time.


  • 8294475

This is a great template that can be used by companies and agencies. It is an HTML template that has all the PSD and PNG layouts included for easy.


  • 41829520

An email template built for freelancers, enterprises and corporate entities who want a clean presentation of their advertisements. You will get both responsive and non-responsive templates in the pack. This gives you plenty of latitude when deciding which approach to use in your campaign.

Crystalit Newsletter

  • 27789918

This is a newsletter that has a “what you see is what you get” editor. This makes it easy even for the non-techie to send out fantastic email newsletters and advertisements. The template does not have distracting elements hence you will get your customers attention.

Eternal Emailer HTML Email Template

  • 21158521

An email template that is professional and versatile. It has several modules, color schemes and prebuilt layouts. It is consistent with all browsers and mobile email clients. The styling is elegant.


  • 95453045

This comes in 5 colors and 8 layouts, and comes with the original PSD files allowing you to customize the theme.

Nexus Simpla

  • 10689840

A simple clean template that is of high quality and is easily customized. It can fit ant niche thanks to the customization.


  • 18859889

An awesome business template that has a dark modern theme. It comes in 6 themes and 10 layouts. Its fluid design makes it compatible with mobile browsers.


  • 8258569

This is a responsive template that is clean and professional. It can be used by any business and is compatible with mobile browsers.


  • 98568809

Comes in 5 layouts and 2 colors. There are 10 templates in this pack, and all PSD files are included.

The Johnny Landing Page

  • 87314843

This is a template that is bursting with features enabling you to present your business in several entertaining ways. The idea here is to entertain your audience as they read your advertisement.

Maily newsletter

  • 39619830

Metromix Responsive Email Template

  • 79973174


  • 26115343

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