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Law firms have been a booming business in the past decade. These firms help people in legal matters whenever they run into trouble with the law. It is a training ground for lawyers and lawyers-to-be in practicing the nitty gritty of law. In addition to that, sample law firms also advise corporations on their legal rights and responsibilities and represent them in times of dispute. Law firms have also been presented with television and movies, giving us a glimpse of what it looks like and how it operates.

With the abundance of websites and the easy access to the internet, some law firms have already branched out by making online sites. There, they are making information relating to legal matters available and provide an easy way for people to contact them. If you want to get started with your own law firm website, take a look at our collection for some ideas.

Responsive Law Theme

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Responsive Law Firm Website Template

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Law Firm Website Template

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What Makes A Great Law Firm Website

A website exists as a hub for information. As for law firms, getting a website is very crucial in building their online presence. People need information on law and other legal matters on the go. For a law firm website, these qualities should be present and existing.

1. Responsive to all devices.

A law firm website should be responsive to all devices. This means it can be viewed on tablets, desktop, personal computers, and smartphones. All the features are rendered correctly. One benefit of a responsive website is that information can be viewed on any device without any hassle. Especially now that information is on the go, having a responsive website eases the worry of not viewing information on any device available. Another thing about responsive websites is it has search engine optimization or SEO elements. This puts your website on the first page of search result engines, which leads to more traffic.

2. The convenient way to contact.

For law firms, giving the users an easy way of contact is very important. You can choose a template that has a contact form submission so the users can easily leave their messages for you. Do not forget to include the law firm’s phone number and the email addresses of each lawyer. The intensity of the case and how it would be given response may vary. The contact form submission is useful for asking questions about legal matters. One good thing about having this kind of contact is it gives general information and does not initiate a client-attorney relationship. You may also like marketing website themes.

Law and Attorney Theme

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Law Firm Muse Website Template

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Law WP Theme

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Master Lawyer HTML Bootstrap Template

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Sample Legal WordPress Theme


3. Content creation.

A website should have a blogging feature for the creation of content. Articles on legal matters have to be written for the users to read. This information is useful when they want to know more about the law and how it works. Law firms should focus on content for their site not to lose traffic. Lawyers are good writers since they have an extensive background in the law. Some lawyers who specialize in a particular kind of law can show their depth and knowledge about their area of practice. You may also see one-page website templates.

Writing content for the website is a great avenue for lawyers to give their knowledge on certain aspects of the law. More content means more traffic to the websites. It also boosts the site’s credibility as an information source. A weekly update of new articles would be fine and beneficial for the site.

4. Effective search bar.

We normally look for information and other related stuff when we stumble upon a website. Law firm websites offer a truckload of information that can be used for references. A good website should have an effective search bar that yields good results. Aside from the information, users are also looking for a lawyer that can help them in their own matters. Put a directory of the attorneys of your law firm. Specify important information such as expertise and location to provide ease to users in finding a lawyer. There is a specific result based on criteria that you set. You may also see elegant website themes.

5. Client Testimonials.

Testimonials are a big help in strengthening the credibility and reputation of your website. Stories from people who have benefited a lot from your law firm will encourage others to avail your services. It is some sort of an advertisement that aims to subtly convince you in getting the service you want from the law firm. Furthermore, testimonials add personality and trust to the law firm’s brand. Testimonials increase the site’s chances of getting more revenue. You may also see minimalist website templates.

6. Links to social media.

The digital age offers mountains of possibilities. The internet is just at the tip of our fingertips. Law firm websites should extend their presence on social media. It reaches more people and makes the site more accessible. You can also put the social media profiles of the lawyers in the directory for easier access. Twitter and LinkedIn are some of the social media sites that can be utilized for this purpose.

Lawyer & Attorney Business HTML Template

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Lawyer Justice Firm Template


Lawyer & Attorney Business HTML5 Template

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LT Law WordPress Theme

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Forest Law WordPress Theme

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Lawyer & Attorney Template

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What Makes a Law Firm Successful

A successful law firm does not just exist out of the blue. It has come a long way from scratch to what it is now. Over the years, it has worked its way into becoming a better firm that gives the best and impeccable service to the clients in need. Here are some of the best qualities of a successful law firm.

1. Outstanding leadership.

What defines a successful law firm is its leadership. When there is a great leader, a better work dynamics comes along. A good leader should have a clear sense of direction, patience, and excellent communication skills. These factors are helpful in bringing people to achieve the goals set. Moreover, he should be able to make his members share the smart goals that he has and motivate them in doing their jobs better. When the leader and the employees share the same goal, the firm is slowly on its way to success.

2. Quality service.

A law firm should give its best service to its clients. This strengthens their credibility and reputation to those who want to seek legal help. Quality service is what brings in people and revenue to the law firm. A bad one is expected to lead people away and find a better firm that could give them the service they need. In coming up with a quality service, the firm should start by crafting with the best ideas of how their service should be done. Every kind of service have to be detailed and boosted carefully before it is made available to the public. Along with quality service comes the need for the firm to be client-oriented. The services should be tailored to the client’s needs. You may also like creative website themes.

3. Highly competitive lawyers.

One of the great factors of having a successful law firm is hiring the best people suited for the job. Lawyers who have high competency and work hard are the best catch for law firms. These people are just beyond books. Aside from the brains, they have the passion and will to get through any case they will handle. What makes competitive lawyers a cut above the rest is they have a way of winning cases no matter how hard it may be. It’s a must if you want to stay at the top of your game. You may also see flat design website templates.

4. Great partnership.

In law firms, there should be great partnerships between lawyers who work on the same case, or those practicing a certain expertise. This fosters teamwork between lawyers and among departments in the firm. When there is a partnership, it leads to a better relationship and loyalty to the firm in the long run. Work is shared and there is mutual trust between employees. Lawyers respect and care for one another as long as there is a great partnership. Firms trust that their employees will be initiated when the need arises in a certain situation.

5. A deeper understanding of the firm.

All members of the law firm should have a deep understanding of how the business works and their tasks. In addition, they must also understand the goals of the firm and the direction it is going to. After having understood all of these, the employees are ready to do their jobs and be more motivated in giving the best service to their clients. The lack of understanding will make employees less driven and be developing a negative attitude towards work and their coworkers.

6. Positive attitude.

A positive attitude is a survival trait in getting through a rough day. No matter how tough the job may be, always approach it with a positive disposition. As lawyers in the firm, there is a way to solve every case. Having a positive attitude leads to creativity in solving cases and developing a proactive approach to avoid further complications. It does not mean that one problem won’t be solved if it’s not complicated yet. This attitude is brought out by the current situation which challenges the whole firm. You may also see pre-website templates.

7. Accountability.

Accountability is one of the key factors to having a harmonious relationship in the law firm. The lawyers and the firm itself should be accountable of whatever might happen in the long run. If lawyers made a decision that puts the firm in danger, they should be accountable for it. It is about taking responsibility and admitting to mistakes. When there is lack of accountability, people get frustrated or worse, end up being blamed for the things they never did. This leads to frustration and loss of motivation to work. Every single employee in the law firm should know how to deal with the consequences of their actions. You may also see PSD website templates.

8. Fairness.

The law is the law. Lawyers are expected to judge and weigh in the cases fairly. Sides should not be chosen. The outcome of the hearings are based on the due process according to the law. Not everyone ends up with a happily ever after as the case closes. They call it “rough justice”. Some decisions are made subjectively when the need arises. What is important in a law firm is that everyone is treated fairly despite the disagreements. Unfair treatment in the firm results into greater consequences that might go out of hand if left unsolved. You may also see professional website themes.

9. Passion.

Law firms should be passionate in serving the general public. They exist in the first place to give people legal aid in times of dispute. The passion to serve should be in every lawyer’s heart. It is satisfying to see someone you have helped lead a better life after giving legal aid. Even if things might get rough, never lose the passion to serve. That is just a big part of growing as a lawyer. Passion is what drives people to do things better and go an extra mile for the clients they serve. You may also see responsive website templates.

10. Setting personal interest aside.

Lawyers are trained to uphold the law and practice fair judgment at all times and at all costs. Personal interests have to be set aside when handling a case. Lawyers must have a clear mind in helping the clients. They must help in accordance with the law. The worst thing that might happen when one does not set aside his personal interest is he uses his power for his personal gain. As a lawyer, you can only use your power when you are dealing with a case. The client should be your top priority in every case you deal with. Put the interest of the firm ahead of yours. You may also see minimalist WP themes.

11. Culture and work ethics.

Another thing that makes a great law firm is its work ethics and culture within its walls. How the decisions are made and how the work is done is a great determining factor for success. If every decision is well thought of and every job is done greatly and efficiently, then the firm is becoming a great one. The key to achieving this is by sharing information and work to people you can trust. In that way, it lessens your worries and increases your confidence that the job will be swiftly and greatly done. Another key is the relationship between lawyers and the morale they uphold. They should take note of their morale in every situation and have a good working relationship with each other. You may also see modern WP templates.

12. Open to diversity.

Law firms should welcome lawyers of any race, gender, age, religion, education and sexual orientation. These qualities make up a person, but what makes them good lawyers are their skills and competency in their field of expertise. A diverse group of lawyers is a good option for a law firm. It helps them accept each other’s differences and learn to work together in achieving a common goal. Diversity also fosters support, encouragement and cooperation if everyone is working harmoniously with each other. Lack of diversity puts the law firm in jeopardy and will be bound to fail. You may also like best minimalist website templates.

Responsive WP Theme for Law firm & Business

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Lawyer & Attorney HTML5 Template

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Creative Lawyers Firm Template

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Legal Attorney & Lawyer HTML5 Template

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Lawyer HTML Template

law firm 13 788x347

Different People In A Law Firm

Law firms are composed of people with several functions. These people have tasks to carry out that is not, in one way or another, easier than most of us expect them to be. Here are some of the different people working in a law firm.

1. Attorney

An attorney or a lawyer is someone who practices the law. He studied the ins and outs of law for years and takes an exam to get his license. Lawyers advise their clients on what to do when it comes to legal concerns. They also represent their clients in court hearings and do what it takes to turn the judges’ decision in their favor. Lawyers do oral argument in hearings, research extensively on information related to the case and draft legal papers as part of their job. You may also see modern WP themes.

2. Case Manager

Case managers are the people who make sure the firm runs effectively when the attorney is not present. They handle caseloads and organize case files. They also guide the client in getting the right service. Case managers sometimes have to interact face-to-face with clients since it is more of an administrative job. They also monitor the status of the cases, complete important documentation, answer client’s queries and schedule court hearings.

3. Legal Administrator

Legal administrators are responsible for arranging the day-to-day operations of the law firms. They arrange the activities of administrative assistants and legal secretaries; managing the law firm’s operating and information system, going over the financial functions and helping in the marketing of the law firm’s legal services. Legal administrators also deal with bringing out quality services that the law firm gives.

4. Court Advocate

The court advocate gives emotional support to the victims in times of crisis. They complete the paperwork for them and sometimes accompany them to court. They also provide the victim information and help them go to social service agencies for further assistance. More often, they provide counseling and put up hotlines for the victims and other people to call on for help. This kind of job is mostly built on people relations that leads to great friendships later on. You may also see law & legal website themes.

5. Court Transcriptionist

The court transcriptionist is the one who jots down every single sentence in an oral testimony. They put them in an accurate written record for the court’s use. They use a voice recorder and transfer it to the computer. The computer has a software that translates the whole transcript into a written document. Court transcriptionists are in charge of the narration aspect of the whole case. It is in his hands on how the story will be stitched and connected to make it more concrete. All the information must be true and accurate. Any lapse on this kind of job results to grave consequences. You may also see website themes for a lawyer.

6. Judge

A judge is a person who leads court hearings. He is seated at the center atop a platform. They settle the dispute in a legal manner. Prior to the trial, evidence on the case are collected and presented to him. These evidence, along with the testimonies from the witnesses, come from the police and prosecutors, which they got from the investigation. The results of the investigation will determine who is guilty of the crime. If a physical fight comes on, it is the judge’s job to stop it from happening. These fights cannot be prevented due to heightened emotions. A judge should have a fair and sound mind in making the final verdict, as this could affect the lives of both parties. You may also see law & legal drupal themes.

7. Mediator

Mediators are third party people who settle the dispute in the court. While lawyers choose a side to fight for in court disputes, mediators are neutral in nature and work to solve everyone’s issues with one another. They also work in making both parties arrive at a mutual understanding without the judge or jury in court. Mediators do not give legal advice and do not judge who is right or wrong. They just handle the disputes calmly and have to be a little extra before the situation becomes worse. You may also see law & legal blog themes.

8. Legal Analyst

A legal analyst is a person who knows about legal documents and its several kinds. He is not a lawyer by practice. Legal analysts assist lawyers in analyzing and writing legal documents such as contracts, memorandums, and other documents. They should have strong organizational and analytical skills and an excellent skill in communication. Legal analysts can work in varied hours and can do different tasks related to legal documents. You may also see law & legal WP themes.

Law firms are essential in giving us the legal action we need when we are in trouble. It ensures us that the due process of the law will be followed and justice will be served. Take your time in designing your law firm website and we wish you the best of luck. You may also see law PSD themes.

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