How to Create a Church Budget [5+ Templates to Download]

A church can only continue running if it has the funds to do so. In order to properly allocate those funds to ensure the church’s survival, one will need to learn how to come up with a proper budget. This article will teach you all that you need to know in regards to how you should go about in making a church budget document.

7 Steps for Creating a Church Budget

Step 1: Gather All of the Financial Statements

The first thing that you will need to do when coming up with your budget is to gather all of the financial statements. This would be any kind of document that contains information regarding a source of income or expense. The more you are able to acquire, the better it will be for coming up with projections and making financial decisions.

Step 2: Record All Sources of Income

Next is for you to look at all of the sources of income that goes directly to the church. Take note that there are two types of income: regular and irregular; the latter being one where it can come in at any given point in time and the former arriving on a fixed schedule. Take note of which sources of income are regular or irregular.

Step 3: Record All Expenses

Once you are done taking note of all the sources of income, then next would be the different expenses that need to be made. If you have documents such as expense reports or anything that has records on what has been and what needs to be spent on, then be sure to make use of those.

Step 4: Take Note of Any Debt

It is possible that the church may have unpaid debt. Should there be any, you will also need to include that into the budget template. Take note as to the different debts that the church has, the amount of that each needs to be paid, and when they have to be paid.

Step 5: Come Up With the Total Income and Expenses

This is where you will need to add up everything that you have listed down on both the income and expense section. It will allow you to see whether your income is higher than your expenses or vice-versa. Make sure to calculate everything accurately so that you’ll have a good idea as to where the church stands in terms of finances.

Step 6: Be Realistic

In the event that there is a savings goal that the church needs to reach, then you will need to make it as realistic as possible. Be sure that it’s one where you know that it can be achieved after a given amount of time and not one which could potentially prevent the church from conducting its activities.

Step 7: Adjust Accordingly

Again, you will need to make sure that the church’s income outweighs its expenses. In the event that it is the opposite, then you will need to go over the budget and see how it can be adjusted. Try to find things that the church does not need to spend on and cut that out or find other sources of stable income to stabilize the budget.

5+ Church Budget Templates

1. Small Church Budget Template


Although small churches do not have as many expenses as most other churches, it is still important for them to keep track of what they need to spend on. Should you be in charge of one, then this budget template should allow you to make a document wherein you can properly budget the church’s finances.

2. Church Budget Worksheet Template


There may be instances where you’ll want a document that can easily record and keep track of all the income and expenses of a church. Should the time come where you’ll want to make one, then this church budget worksheet template will give you exactly what you need.

3. Free Church Budget Template


If you would like to be able to create a church budget document in the easiest way possible, then know that this template is always available for you to use and download. Know that you can use programs such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Publisher, and even Apple Pages to access and customize it.

4. Church Budget Planning Worksheet Download

It’s never easy planning out how to budget, especially for a church. But if you have a good idea on how to do so, then you will definitely want to make use of this template. With it, you can easily plan out how the church should maximize the usage of its income and determine what expenses can either be lowered or cut.

5. Church Budget Checklist Download

There are some people who find it easier to do budgeting if they make a list of things that they need to do. Should you be one of those people, then know that this template is available. Know that using this church budget checklist template will allow you to easily keep track of your budgeting progress, telling you what you have or yet to have done.

6. Simple Church Budget Download

There might come a time where you wish to make a simple budgeting document that still manages to serve its purpose. When that time comes, then this template is what you will need. Although it may be simple in design, it still ensures that you are able to effectively budget the churches income and expenses.