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8+ Yearly Physical Form Templates – PDF

Annual medical examinations are one of the most effective ways to prevent disease and illness or to nip them in the bud. So in the spirit of prevention and early detection, the practice has become a healthcare industry standard and now most employers, schools, and organizations are encouraged to implement or require yearly physical exams. You may also see inventory forms.

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If you are a business manager, school administrator, or someone working in the healthcare industry, you will find this article useful as we will provide you with tips and guidelines on how to create yearly physical and medical forms for your respective organization. On top of that, we will show you multiple examples of actual yearly physical examination forms that are used by real organizations and business entities all over the world.

Take a Look at these Printable Yearly Physical Form Templates

What follows are downloadable yearly physical examination forms that your organization can copy or use as a pattern for creating your own annual health assessment forms. All of these templates are available as PDF template files so make sure that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer or mobile device before you can download and edit them.

Adult History and Annual Physical Form Template

Annual Physical and Eye Examination Certification Form

Blank Annual Physical Exam Form

What is a Yearly Physical Form?

A yearly physical form is a document used in the healthcare profession that contains all information obtained in an annual health examination. Examples of these health-related pieces of information are a person’s vital signs, current signs, and symptoms, health risks, present or past illnesses, medication history, surgical history, treatment plans, names of current or past attending physicians, mental health status, and a lot more.

Perhaps the most important component of a yearly physical form is the person’s latest vital sign measurements. These are the individual’s heart or pulse rate, respiratory rate, temperature, and blood pressure measurement. Vital signs taking often constitutes the first step in getting a yearly physical. Other vital signs like pain threshold, blood glucose levels, heigh and weight ratios, menstrual cycle, and even gait speed may also be measured depending on the health agency conducting the medical assessment.

It is called a yearly physical form since the medical assessment or evaluation is done annually and due to the fact that all tests are done on the body and/or to test other bodily functions. A yearly physical may also be known as an annual health assessment or medical examination. And a yearly physical form can also be called a medical report form.

And since health examinations will require multiple medical tests to be completed, the amount of information that will be indicated on the examination form will also be significant. This is why most yearly physical forms will include a lot of checklist samples, boxes, and spaces where only a qualified healthcare personnel can fill out.

Embedded all over this article are examples of these annual physical forms. You may use any of these printable templates as a guide if you are tasked to re-create this form for your organization.

Blank Annual Physical Exam Form Template

Checklist School Yearly Physical Evaluation Form

Editable Yearly Pre-participation Physical Evaluation Form

Guidelines For Creating Yearly Physical Forms

As we have promised, the next few paragraphs will focus on the different things anyone tasked with creating a yearly physical form should make sure to include. Remember that you do not have to follow all these tips but just remember their purpose so that you can apply the same principles to the creation of your own annual medical certificates and forms. Read on…

1. Include patient history form.

In order to create an accurate diagnosis, physicians (or anyone in the healthcare team) needs to know an individual’s medical history well or at least have a brief background. This is why most yearly physical forms will have a portion for the patient to fill out by himself or herself.

This section of the medical assessment form will mostly constitute yes-no question samples about their health like questions if they smoke, drink, or have been admitted to a hospital in the past. Most of this information will also be verified by the physician once he or she interviews the individual. So, if you are drafting a health assessment for your organization, do not forget to add a patient medical history portion of the form.

2. Place ample space for patients and doctors to write on.

Another thing to remember when drafting a yearly physical form is to add ample space for the patients and physicians to write down their answers or findings. This is important because most physicians will need to write lengthy diagnoses, doctor notes, or medical treatment plans on the assessment forms itself.

3. Simplify medical questionnaire by using tick boxes and checklists.

When creating a yearly physical form, you may also make use of tick boxes and checklists when formulating the different questions that you need to be answered throughout the physical examination. Most often, medical questions will have standard answers so it will be easy to provide choices for each health question. By doing this, you are also helping make the entire assessment process more convenient for both the health practitioner and the patient. You may also see sample medical release forms.

4. Include detailed and legible instructions on how to fill out the form.

Before we forget, you should begin your yearly physical forms with a detailed and legible set of instructions on how to fill out the assessment form example. This is needed since the form will need to be filled out by the patient first and they will need all the guidance they can get.

Take a look at any of the general medical certificate or health assessment forms embedded within this article so that you will have an idea of how you can write and format your form instructions.

5. Add a portion for a physician to sign and certify the exams performed.

Also, remember that yearly physical forms are considered official documents by the organization or agency creating them. And to make these forms valid, the physician or healthcare personnel who conducted the physical examination should sign and certify the form. So, if you are tasked with creating such form, do not forget to add a portion for the physician’s full name, license number, designation, and signature. You may also see Fit To Work certificate templates.

Preparticipation Yearly Physical Evaluation History Form

Printable Yearly Physical Examination Form

Guidelines For Creating Yearly Physical Forms (part two)

6. Include patient privacy notice.

Patient privacy is another aspect that creators of any health forms and printable certificates should consider. For those who are creating annual physical forms, make sure to add a patient privacy notice on the form itself. By doing this, you are protecting the patient and your organization from any mishandling of the patient’s private health information. Anyone who is found to use this health information for other purposes aside from the ones stated on the form may be prosecuted or, worse, imprisoned.

7. Add your organization’s logo, name, or trademark.

Another minor yet important tip to follow when creating any kind of health certificate or form template is to include your organization’s branding design elements. To illustrate, you may include your organization’s logo design, slogan, and official name as a way to help legitimize your yearly physical form.

Also, when patients see your organization’s logo on the health form, they will readily associate your brand logo with what your organization is and what it does. Over time, this will help shape the public’s perception of what your organization or company stands for. And, hopefully, you have created a positive and helpful image for your company.

8. Print out the form on thick paper.

When creating a yearly physical form, always make sure to print out your forms in thick or sturdy paper. Most physical examination forms will need to be printed back to back and if you do not use thick paper, markings on one side may blot out to the reverse page. Therefore, it is best to use thick high-quality paper when creating official health certificates and forms to prevent these kinds of issues and risk having your forms invalidated. You may also see printable medical history forms.

9. Have someone explain the form and the procedure he or she needs to follow to complete the physical exam.

The last tip that any template creator should follow when creating a yearly physical form is to make sure that there is another person who can explain how to fill out the form. Most companies and organizations will allow a few days from their employee’s working time for them to complete the physical exam. And since most of them are not familiar with these health examination forms, you should make it your responsibility to guide them. You may also see application form templates.

And that’s it! Use the pieces of information you have learned from this short article in drafting the best yearly physical form for your company or organization. You may also see nursing assessment templates.

School Annual Physical Examination Form Template

Student Annual Physical Health Form

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