31+ Medical Certificate Templates

Medical certificates can be used for a variety of reasons, especially by doctors and authorities in medical colleges, and given the range of uses to which they can be put, the demand for sample medical word certificate templates is understandably high. You can also download Free Certificate Templates.

Hospital Medical Certificate Template


Medical Certificate for Sick Leave Template


Medical Fitness Certificate Template


Medical Leave Certificate Template


Medical Certificate Template


Medical Certificate for School Template


Medical Appreciation Certificate Template

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Simple Medical Certificate of Recognition Template

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Medical Excellence Sample Certificate Template

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Medical Membership Certificate Template

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Medical Internship Certificate Template

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Health Appreciation Certificate Photoshop Template

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Universal Child Health Certificate Word Template

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Hospital Training Certificate Illustrator Template

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Physical Fitness Training Certificate Photoshop Template

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Medical Certificate Word Template

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Medical Certificate for School Template

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Medical Fitness Certificate Template

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Medical Leave Certificate Template

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Medical Certificate for Sick Leave Template

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Medical Certificate For Employeement Sickness Benefits

This Medical Certificate format for sick leave or benefits is for offices under the Canadian government. You are getting a detailed form here which is divided into 2 major sections- the first is to be filled by the patient and the second one is the filled by the doctor issuing the certificate.

Downloadable Medical Certificate Format

If you are looking for a Medical Certificate Template for proving a student’s fitness or disability in the academic or training institution, this certificate would be handy for you. The certificate starts with basic details to be filled by the patient himself followed by sections to state the results of various medical examinations- as observed by the issuing doctor.

Employee Medical Certification Form

If you are looking for a Medical leaveCertificate to certify medical observations about employees working in South Carolina, this medical certification form would work for you. The certification form begins with basic details of the patient & the duties he is responsible for in office- followed by observations and assessments of the doctor.

Medical Certificate For Leave

This Medical Certificate format for sick leave for student or an employee would be great when the concerned person won’t be able to attend the school or office for a while due to sickness. It’s a simple short letter by an authorized medical attendant that supports the claim of sick leave for the patient.

Medical Certificate Free

This medical certificate template comes in pink background and contains name of the doctor and patient, illness that the patient is suffering from/ free from and the date as well the signatures.

Medical Certificate Free Template

No need to design medical certificate from scratch. Download medical certificate templates in white background here which contain name of the doctor and patient, illness that the patient is suffering from along with the doctor’s initials.

Medical Fitness Certificate Free

This is simple medical certificate template which states whether a person is suffering from a particular set of diseases which is editable and whether he/she is fit for a certain programme or not.

Download Word Medical Certificate For Casual Leave

If you are in quest of a doctor's certificate template for casual leave, this template here would be handy for you. The template comes up with a declaration from the certificate issuing doctor that the government servant is suffering from a certain illness and needs to take rest from his duties for a specific period of time.

Medical Certification Free Sample

Free Medical Certificate Form Word Format

Medical Certificate Template PDF Download


> Medical Certificates And Everything You Need To Know About Them

Medical certificate, quite literally, refers to a declaration from a doctor or health care provider attesting to result of a clinical diagnosis of the patient. Also known as doctor’s note template, people often use Medical Certificate for Sick Leave. Medical certificates are often used by employees and students.

> What do you Need Medical Certificate for?

One of the most common purposes of Medical Certificate is validation of a sick leave from office or any academic institution. Added to it, people also take to medical certificates for obtaining different health benefits & related perks from office, for specific tax purposes, to make insurance claims & for some particular legal procedures. Besides, some of the workplaces are very rigid about certain health condition of the workers and the potential candidates have to provide these clinical certificates to prove their eligibility. You can also see Certificate of Service Templates.

A medical fitness certificate format for new employees usually certify that the concerned person is free from drug addiction, contagious diseases, mental illness & some other health issues- as marked by the specific workplace. Administrative post holders, armymen, pilots, sportspersons & drivers are some of the professionals who have to submit a physical fitness certificate format as a legal proof of their eligibility in the workplace.

> Tips on Writing Medical Certificates

A standard Medical Certificate Sample must have the following:

  • Name, address & signature of the physician issuing the doctor’s certificate
  • Patient’s name
  • Date of diagnosis or examination
  • Date of issuance of the certificate
  • Dates when patient was or is unfit to attend office or school
  • The issuing date of the Medical Certificate Form would be the date when it’s written

> Dos & Don’ts with Medical Certificates

> Do’s

The declaration made by the physician in the medical certificate should be based on the doctor’s own observation & assessment of the patient.

The Medical Certificate for leave or for fitness should be presented in legible text & there must be no abbreviation of medical jargon so that it can be comprehended by a non-clinical person as well.

The physician issuing medical certificate should respect the patient’s “rights to confidentiality”.

A Medical Certificate format for sick leave for employees could be issued even after the concerned patient has already taken his sick leave – however, it must include date of medical appointment & the period for which the employee would be unavailable for office work.

> Don’ts

  • The doctors certificate for leave or fitness issued by the physician must not be based on just details of the patient and the doctor has make observations on the certificate based on his diagnosis only.
  • The physician issuing the certificate cannot divulge any additional details of the patient’s medical condition than what is provided by the certificate to the employer- unless the patient has given consent to it.
  • The doctor must not issue sample Medical Certificate and it’s considered as a activity.
  • Need ideas with medical certificates? We are by your side
  • If you need ideas on a standard Medical Certificate Format, we at template.net are ready to help you with our medical certificate templates.

> Healing Touches

1. Best Medical template certificates usually contain a record of major diseases and treatment, and any good templates for certificates will have fields to enter the details of such.

2. Free Medical certificates are often handed in as proof of absences by employees and students, when claiming sick leave. Therefore, the doctor and institution’s details should be present, and should be verifiable. These templates work on ensuring that these are clearly stated on the certificate.

3. Some of these medical certificate samples also include a basic treatment plan or else have tables of information, and the certificate templates can arrange to present these in a neat and ordered manner.

  • University and other training authorities will also issue certificates to trainees and students upon the completion of programmes or courses.
  • Sometimes, merit certificates for medical students or support staff trainees can also be generated with these templates, which aid the student in obtaining jobs and offering services in hospitals and clinics.

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