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5+ Certification Request Letter Templates – PDF

One of the best ways for you to appreciate someone is to personally thank them. Eye contact is essential and feels more genuine when you are conversing with a person. But there is a way where you can thank a person, preferably a speaker or a participant of a seminar, and at the same time, that form of can be used in the future for the person receiving it. That is through giving them a certificate. You may also see sample appointment request letters.

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In this article, we will be explaining to you what a certificate is. Afterwards, we will explain to you how you can make a request letter for it by elaborating on its parts. You will also be guided by the templates that are shown here to give you a better view on how you can construct your sentences if ever you decide to write this kind of sample letter.

Certificate Renewal Request


Sample FIRC Request  Letter


Certificate Request Sample



Before we get to discuss the parts of the certificate request letter, let us first know and understand what a certificate of appreciation is. A certificate of appreciation is basically a document where the company or the organizer show their appreciation through a certificate. This certificate is signed by the organizer’s top officers and if you put it in a company seminar talk, the CEO or manager would sign it. Why is it useful? Well aside from it boosting one’s ego, it is useful whenever you get to apply for a job. This will be an added bonus for you to show to your interviewer and show him what you are good and knowledgeable about.

If the seminars you have conducted can correlate to the mission or vision of the job you are applying for, then you are most likely to be hired. Receiving a certificate for “Seminars Conducted” and “Seminar Participated” can make your resume shine a little bit brighter. With that being said, you could say a little confidence and thirst for knowledge and then spreading it to people can get you to places, literally. You may also see free request letter templates.

Request Letter for Certificate


Letter of Clearance and Cert request


Template of Certification Letter


Parts of Request letter for a Certificate

If you have already understood the full definition of a certificate, it is time for you now to know what are the parts of the request letter if you ever do decide to write one requesting for a certificate. It is best for you to know how to write a request letter since this is one skill that is often used in one’s work life and if you are affiliated with any organizations. If you still don’t know how to write one, you can choose to learn again by attending workshops or browsing through the net to read and understand it fully. You may also see transfer request letters.

One can never learn or achieve something if the eagerness and will are there to do so. There might be times where it can be out of your comfort zones, but those are the best ways to make you grow as a person. If this is something new for you, then learn it and do not stop until you truly know what you have read and applied it correctly in the real world setting. You may also see confirmation letter templates.

Here are the parts of a request letter:

1. The Date

When making the letter, you have to write or type the date you intend to send the letter to the receiver. A simple letter with the wrong date sent at the wrong time can mean a bad impression coming from the receiver or to someone who has seen you passing the letter and has also read the letter itself.

2. Inside Address

In writing the letter, you have to know who you are writing to. For the purpose of this article, you must write a letter to the head of the company or organization to ask her to sign the certificate to which you will give to the speaker or to the participants. So in the inside address, you would his name and title in the company or organization and right after, write his office address or company address at the end. Make sure each statement is correct to avoid confusion and misunderstanding of who you are sending the letter.

3. The Greeting

Since we are already done with the inside address, let us now go to the introductory part of the letter or the greeting. This part of the letter is usually one to two-word phrases that give the letter its introduction for the purpose of the letter. What you can see below are often most used phrases ina business letter. You can also choose to search the internet for more examples of greeting phrases in a business letter. Use the internet to your advantage because libraries and books were the only resources of knowledge before:

“Greetings Mr…”

“Greetings Mrs…”

“Good Day!”

“Good Morning!”

“Dear Mr…”

“Dear Mrs…”

4. The Body

In the body, this is where you state the purpose of why you are writing the letter in the first place. In writing the body, you have to make sure that you write your intention for writing the letter in the first paragraph already. Why do we suggest so? This is for the reason that the reader would not have to read a long letter and end up seeing the purpose in the end. Reading a letter like that could be irritating and a little bit frustrating. In a sample business letter, it is suggested that one letter should be as short and as simple as it can be.

Managers and CEO’s do not have the luxury of time to read a 300-500 word letter. They have other priorities to attend to than that so it would be much better to have your letter simple and straight to the point especially if it is a request letter.  We will be showing you an example of how you can write your certificate request letter to your boss or to your head of the company or organization. You may also choose to click on the templates here as added reference and guide. Here is the example but do note that you can always choose to expand it a bit or change some words if ever you decide to also write a request letter:

“Dear [Organizer or Head’s Name],

I am a Joe Avalon, the secretary of the organizing team.

I would like to request for your signature on the certificate inside the envelope that would be given to Mr. MarkQue who will also be our Guest speaker this coming May 18, 2020. Mr. Que will be talking about “The Differences of being a Boss and A Leader in a Company”. You may also see sample donation request letters.

Also inside the envelope are the certificates for the participants who will be attending the seminar. There are a total of 200 participants, including the employees in our partner company, Book Managers inc. They will bring 80 of their employees to the seminar. You may also see payment request letter templates.

I have already passed to the vice president the same request letter for the signing of the certificates and she has already affixed her signature. The only remaining signature that is needed is yours only now. You may also see job request letters.

If you have any other concerns, you can contact me through my email and cellular number which I believe you already have.

I am hoping for your positive response and I am so sorry for this short notice.”

That is one way for you to write your body in your certificate request letter. If you have seen, I stated the purpose of the letter right away and added more important details after that and not wasting time by mentioning topics that are not related to the purpose of the letter. Again, make the body of the letter as short and as simple as possible with you directly stating the purpose of the letter in first few sentences of the first paragraph. This can also help you in a way in your chances for the letter to be approved and recognized. You may also see tips for promotion request.

5. The Complimentary Close

In this part of the letter, this is where you would bid farewell to the receiver with another one to two liner phrase. It is written to officially put an end to the purpose of the letter. The phrases being shown below are one of the most common phrases used when constructing the complimentary close for any kind of business letter format:

“Yours truly,”



“Sincerely yours,”

“Best wishes,”


“Best Regards,”

You can also choose to search the internet if you do not feel the need to use the examples we have stated. There are still a lot of information on the world wide web and you should use that to your advantage since the advancement of technology helps mankind in a big way. You may also see letter format templates.

6. Signature

This is where you would affix your signature on your name to signify that you have not only ended the letter but are responsible for the contents of it. With that being said, you have to make sure that the contents are correct and not misspelled. You may also see sample letter templates.

Those are the parts of a business letter and can be applicable to this kind of request letter. Remember to make it simple and that it should be free of errors. This means that you should always double check your letter after writing it and sending it. You can also let someone read your letter first and tell you to correct you if there is something odd about the structure or sentences of the letter. Do not be afraid to get corrected. This is one way for you to learn. You may also see simple letter templates.

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