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One of the best ways to get rich is to have a business and have the goal to let it grow and expand until franchises start to appear one by one and the next thing you know, you are on the same level as other brilliant businessman and entrepreneurs. But those things take time. Climbing your way to success takes time. That is why everyone starts from the bottom. One business you can start small is by being the landlord of an apartment complex. You will have people sleeping in their rented rooms and the length of their stay depends if they follow rules and the room agreement form which you two have signed.

When the rent is almost due, it is up to you to notify them through a payment request letter. Better to inform them ahead of time so that they can remember and get themselves prepared. This article will tell you what is an apartment complex and how it can relate to a payment request letter. Aside from that, we will be providing samples of a payment request letter. Lastly, will be enumerating the parts of a payment request letter. We suggest that you take note of the important parts of this article as this may help you in your future business.

Sample Payment Request Letter

sample payment request letter

Payment Request Letter Template

payment request letter template

Apartment Complex and Payment Request Letter

To give you a little bit of business information, let us tackle an apartment complex. An apartment complex is described as the ownership of a company of a group of buildings that has rooms or spaces for someone to rent on. Note that a company can be one person too and that they go by the name of the “landlord” of the apartments. The landlord manages everything and is responsible for keeping things organized in terms of the agreement he has with his tenants. You may also see sample appointment request letters.

Tenants are the ones renting the rooms and spaces. In their rental agreement contract, it should be stated that the tenants would pay the monthly rent and make sure none of the property of the landlord that are present in the rented room be damaged and he/she will be liable to pay if ever that happens. Both of the tenant and the landlord should look after their responsibilities so that there would not be any conflict that would arise. One way is to pay the rent on time in which the landlord has the responsibility to send a payment request letter a week before the due date to serve as a reminder.

Failure to Pay Rent Request Letter

failure to pay rent request letter

Request for Payment Example

request for payment example

Parts of the Payment Request Letter

If you are not fond of drafting a request letter, then do not panic because, in this section, we will show you the various parts of a request letter. Do note that the parts are just as the same as any other business letters or formal letter for that matter. This will serve as a refresher to those who forgot the basic parts. Letters are still being used today because it is one of the most formal and professional where reminders and requests can be done. Here are the following parts of a payment request letter:

1. Date

You write the date on which the tenant will be able to receive the letter.

2. Inside Address

This pertains to the address you are sending the letter to. You first state the complete name, tenant of room number and the address of the apartment. You may also see request letter templates for leave.

3. Greeting

In this part of the letter, you get to state a greeting like “Good Day Mrs..”, “Dear Mr.”, “Good afternoon Mrs…” and the like. Greetings like these can be found on the internet and you can pick from those sources on which greeting you would use to address your tenants. You may also see transfer request letters.

4. Body

This is where the writing will formally start. You will state here the amount that the tenant has to pay for the 1 month he/she has been occupying the room or space. You have to approach these kinds of cases in a friendly manner to avoid being seen as too bossy or demanding. If you are already good at writing, you can further enhance your simple letter by doing it in a manner that will make you seem approachable. Tenants usually leave if their landlord is way too strict and scary. You can plainly state:

A review of our records indicates that your payment of the rent is no less than one week from now. The payment amount of ____ is due on DATE. Kindly submit payment to my office. Please be sure to include your account number in order to facilitate proper processing. Acceptable payment methods can be done through ________.”

You can end your paragraph by stating this:

“If you have already paid your dues, kindly inform me in my office and disregard this notice. If you still haven’t paid, please do on or before the deadline.”

You can state it in a way that it would give a closure to the letter. What is important is that you should stay formal and avoid getting too friendly and cozy in the letter that will be read by the tenant. Be friendly but let him/her be aware of his/her place from time to time so that he/she would not take you too lightly. You may also see formal letter templates.

5. Complimentary Close

In this section, this is where you would say the words “Sincerely yours,”, “From,” “From yours truly”, or “Best Regards” to formally end the letter because what comes right after it is your name.

6. Signature

After writing your name, affix your signature to signify ownership and make sure you indicate that you are the landlord of the said apartment complex.

These are practically the parts of a payment request letter. What makes it different from any other business letters is that one has to only state the overall payment together with the date that the rent should be paid. The landlord can also hire a secretary who is skilled in making those simple request letters. It would create a bad impression if a landlord writes a free request letter full of wrong grammar and misplaced punctuations. This reduces the landlord’s credibility in the eyes of the tenants which is something that the landlord should avoid doing.

Remember to create these letters ahead of time to give the tenants time to settle their dues and to keep the partnership and business going. You as the landlord are not obliged to keep on extending deadline because it will also affect your business and the tax you are currently paying. It is okay to be friendly but it is also not bad to take authority once in a while if some things are getting out of hand. You may also see donation request letters.

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