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Top 4 Tips to Keep in Mind When Requesting a Promotion

Getting a promotion is considered to be one of the important highlights in an employee’s life. When an employee signs the job contract, the employer obviously expects him to perform all of his duties and responsibilities to the best of his ability. Unfortunately, not all employees do give their best when performing their task. Some would just do it for the sake of earning money, but if an employer has found an employee who performs and fulfills his duties wholeheartedly and tirelessly, then he should consider himself lucky. Finding a hardworking and diligent employee is sometimes tough to find.

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Most employers reward the effort and hard work of their dedicated employee by offering them a promotion sample. However, because of the busy schedule and routine of an employer, some may not notice the employee’s hard work and dedication to his job. If you think that you deserve a promotion, then it is alright to take the initiative to write a promotion letter request to your immediate head or to whoever is assigned in the promotion of employees.

Why Job Titles Matter

If you take some time and pause for a minute and think about your job title, are you satisfied with your current position? If you are being honest with yourself, you may consider that job titles are important in the workplace. It is understandable the every employee wants a job title that reflects their knowledge, expertise, and success. That is why if you are told by someone that job titles are not significant, then you are told a lie.

Job titles are highly important because it plays an important role in determining the amount of an employee’s salary. When your position belongs to the higher hierarchy of job titles, then you can expect a higher salary. Hence it is safe to say that a job title is a source of power. It is the second thing that people will notice about you after your name. The people around you often remember you by your job title. Business cards and resumes always include job title. It will make people respect and trust you even more. Taking control of your job title means that you are also taking control of your personal branding strategy.

Why Employees Want a Job Promotion

If you wish to take a step higher in the hierarchy of job title, then you will need to be promoted. According to the definition found at the Business Dictionary website, a job promotion is defined as “the advancement of an employee within a company position or job tasks. It may be the result of an employee’s proactive pursuit of a higher ranking or as a reward by the employers for good performance”. Most employees dream of getting promoted at work because a job promotion can mean a higher salary rate or financial bonus. Since you will have a new position after a job promotion, you can expect a new set of duties and responsibilities.

Job Promotion Request Letter and Its Elements

For most employees, getting recognized for their hard work and dedication is one of their main career goals. That is why if you think that you deserve to get promoted to a higher position, do not hesitate to write a promotion request letter to your immediate department head. While requesting one’s promotion can be a bit awkward for many, there are certain things that you need to consider.


Since a job promotion request is a form of a standard business letter, you should make sure to follow the professional format of writing a business letter. A good promotion request letters must include a personal letterhead and essential details about you and the company. It should also use the standard font types such as Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana, and Calibri. The standard font size should be kept between 10 to 12 points.

Statement of Intent

A job promotion request letter can also be considered as a letter of intent that is why you will need to clearly state your intention about your proposed self-promotion. You should provide the recipient of the letter with a detailed information that will help you justify how your achievements can make you the best person to fill the position.


Before you wish to climb a step higher in the hierarchy of job titles, you must make sure that you have the right skills and experience to be qualified for a job promotion. It would often result in embarrassment if you are asking for a promotion only to be turned down because you do not have the right qualifications for a higher ranking position. So when you are strongly convinced that you have all the qualifications to get a promotion, make sure to write a detailed information about them, along with your accomplishments and contributions in the organization.


An employee’s accomplishments can be a contributing factor to the growth and success of the organization. If you have contributed well to the organization, then you are entitled to get a promotion. Your accomplishments and contributions can make you a great asset to your company.

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Sample Letter of Interest for Promotion Template

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Promotion Request: Things to Keep in Mind

A job promotion request can also be done by a department manager or supervisor who thinks that a certain employee deserved to be promoted due to his or her outstanding work performance and dedication to his or her job by writing a letter of recommendation.

Whether you are an employee or department head, it is important to be familiar with the appropriate company policy for requesting a promotion before sending the request letter to your supervisor or manager. By familiarizing the proper promotion request guideline, you will have a clear idea of the things that need to be fulfilled beforehand. You will be required to follow the formal procedure for applying for a promotion.

In this section, we will discuss all the important things to following when writing a promotion request letter.

Plan the Perfect Timing

While there is no right timing to ask for a promotion; however experts said that there are certain times that are definitely better to request for a promotion. So if you are planning to ask for a job promotion from your immediate head, then you should do it during the annual performance evaluation review. It is a great opportunity to discuss your performance with your supervisor and ask him where your career will be heading in the future.

Discuss Career Development

If you are hoping to get a promotion in your department, make sure that you have consistently reached your daily target goals in order to make sure your immediate head notice your efforts and hard work. And since hard-working and dedicated employees are more likely to get noticed by their supervisors or manager, mush up the courage to request for a meeting and discuss your career development. Ask your immediate head to schedule your meeting a few days in advance so that you will have enough time to gather and put together your ideas.

Do Your Research

If you are looking for a successful meeting agenda, you will need to take some time and research several recruitment websites and look for a position that is almost similar to the one you are hoping to earn. You can use the information as examples and show them to your immediate head how your development can make you a perfect candidate for the position. However, you will need to convince your manager further by preparing a list of your accomplishments and contributions.

Work Out Your Market Value

If you only based your promotion request by doing well in your job and the length of your service in the company, then you will have a hard time getting a promotion. In order to successfully get promoted, you should make sure that your efforts, dedication, and hard work are two levels higher than your fellow employees. Let us take for instance that you are in the marketing plan department, in order to impress your immediate head, you should get expertise outside your position, by learning the strategies of sales and customer service.

Professor Promotion

Academic Promotion Letter of Recommendation

Faculty Promotion Letter

Final Thoughts

A promotion can be a life and career-changing experience. That is why if you strongly believe that you have been doing a great job for a period of time and has been an asset in the organization, seeking a promotion from your department heads may seem like a natural thing to do.

Taking in charge of your career is highly important. If you feel the initiative to ask for a promotion from your manager, then let us help you. You can download the sample promotion request letter templates that provided above and make them as your reference. They can be downloaded for free and are highly editable so that you can easily change its content according to your personal purpose and preference. Do not also forget to check out and download our collection of employee recommendation letters and promotion offer letter templates before you leave.

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