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16+ Log Templates – Free Word, Excel, PDF

Log templates are mostly used in operation management for small and medium scale industries. These are highly customizable templates which are mostly created in Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word and are presented in a report format. These templates are mostly used to log all the detailed information of activities such as movement of products and commodities from one party to another or any other activities such as training, maintenance, and visitors’ records and so on. The scope of usage of such templates depends on the user.

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Call Log Template

As the name suggests, call logs are mostly used to keep a permanent record of all the call information – as to the incoming calls, outgoing calls, call duration, nature of the call (STD, ISD, local), time of the call and so on. These call logs are mostly designed in Microsoft Word or Excel format.

Sales Call Log Spreadsheet Template Excel Format

Mileage Log Template

Mileage trackers are mostly used in monitoring the mileage provided by the company vehicles so that the same could be used during reimbursements. These kinds of log trackers are mostly designed in Microsoft Excel which helps calculates the total expenditure depending on the distance travelled by the vehicle which is used in reimbursements as well.

Vehicle Mileage Tracking Log Excel Sheet Free Download

Reading Log Template

Reading logs are mostly used by readers who use it to keep track of the books that they have read, and more importantly plan on the next set of books that they would read along with a tentative timeline. These templates are also designed in a tabular format using Microsoft Excel with books and date information logged in it.

Printable Home Reading Log Template PDF Format

Food Log Template

Food logs which are mostly in the form of excel spreadsheets are extensively used by fitness freaks so as to track the intake of food for different periods of the day. This in turn helps them track the amount of nutrients that they have taken for the day and hence enable them to minimize intake of fats and excess of carbohydrates.

Free Printable Food Diary Log Template PDF

Workout Log Template

The workout log is also a fitness instrument which helps fitness conscious people to keep track of their exercise schedule and the regime that they follow for the week. These logs created either as notes in Microsoft Word or in a tabular format in Microsoft Excel helps keep track of the various exercises on particular days of week.

Blank Gym Workout Log Template PDF Download

Time Log Template

Time logs are mostly used either in organization as a monitoring device or by sceptic individuals to track their overall productivity in terms of the time taken to perform certain tasks. These log templates are mostly designed either using Microsoft Word or Excel and contains the time taken to perform a particular task for a user.

Daily Time Tracking Log Template Free Excel Format

Daily Log Template

Daily logs contain the day to day routine activities performed by people. These are mostly maintained by busy people to make sure that they do not spend much time in activities which are neither urgent nor important. These logs are mostly in the form of Microsoft Word, or in certain cases a tabular excel format.

Daily Employee Time Log Template PDF Free Download

Activity Log Template

Activity logs are mostly similar to the time logs that individuals maintain at work. These logs mostly contain professional activities and the time taken to execute those activities. The main objective of this exercise is to identify those activities which do not contribute to success and then minimize them. These templates are designed mostly using Microsoft word or excel format.

Free Scheduled Daily Activity Log Template Excel

Phone Log Template

Similar to call log templates, phone logs are also used to keep track and monitor all the inbound and outbound call conversations which users have engaged in, along with the call timings, duration as well as the nature & purpose of the call. These log templates are mostly designed using Microsoft Excel format.

Communication Log Template

Communication logs are used to store all communication history between two or more parties. This includes offline communication, communication via email, phone and all other similar platforms. These log templates are mostly designed using Microsoft Excel and is primarily used to keep track of business communications between clients or other third party vendors.

Home School Blank Communication Log Template Printable

Maintenance Log Template

These logs are mostly used to monitor maintenance data such as the frequency of maintenance activity for a particular asset, the date & time of the maintenance activity and also the cost incurred for the same. These logs designed in Microsoft Excel or Word not only helps in tracking maintenance data but also helps in allocating budget for the same.

Equipment Maintenance Log Template Word Doc Download

Travel Log Template

Travel log or more specifically business logs are maintained by business for reimbursements to employees for business travels. These logs monitors all travel related data as to the distance, travel time, travel cost and so on. Business prefers these kinds of logs in Microsoft Excel format so that certain arithmetic operations can be run on numbers.

Vehicle Kilometer Travel Log Template Free PDF Download

Blood Pressure Log Template

Blood pressure templates are maintained both by hospital officials for patients as well by other individuals who have the inherent problem of fluctuating blood pressure. These logs can either be logged using Microsoft Word or at times, Microsoft Excel. The primary objective of these logs is to track and monitor the fluctuations in the day.

Home Blood Pressure Log Template PDF Download

Training Log Template

Training logs are mostly maintained by training institutes and other organizations to keep track of their training efforts and pedagogy. These logs contain in depth information on the training duration, topic, trainer, specialization required, number of candidates, duration and so on. These templates are mostly designed in Microsoft Excel.

Staff Members Training Log Template Word Format

Blood Sugar Log Template

Similar to other clinical templates such as blood pressure templates, blood sugar logs are primarily used to track and monitor the sugar levels in the blood, and its fluctuations in the day with respect to the diet and medications. These templates are also designed mostly un Microsoft Word or Excel.

Daily Diabetes Blood Sugar Log Template PDF Download

Research Log Template

Research logs are nothing but a precise summary of the research procedure and findings. These logs are primarily designed using Microsoft Word, and contain information on the key citations, research method used, key findings and the various research questions which the research caters to. These logs are mostly used to evaluate or shortlist research work based on the content.

Tools Research Log Example Template Word Format

Visitor Log Template

As the name suggests, visitor logs are mostly used to track and monitor all the incoming and outgoing visitors to restricted places – be it organizations, or any other commercial places. These are mostly maintained in Microsoft Word format and contain the name of the visitor, in as well as out-time, contact number and purpose of visit.

Visitor Sign In Sheet Log Template Printable

Graduate High School Teacher Phone Log Template PDF Download

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