How to Make a Clinic Business Plan

In this world, health care is always going to be very vital as there are a ton of people who get injured or suffer ailments that could potentially be fatal. That’s why there are those who decide to come up with their own clinic where they can treat these people.

However, establishing your own clinic will take a lot of dedication and planning. That is why it’s very important for one to create a business plan that will outline how the clinic will be operated and how it’s going to be successful. This article is going to focus on how you are going to go about the process of creating such a business plan.

What should your clinic business plan contain?

It’s never easy to open up your own business, even more so if you’re trying to open up your own clinic. There are a lot of factors that you have to consider when you are showing that your clinic is one that people should invest in. So, if you’re going to come up with a business plan for your very own clinic, then be sure that it contains the following information:

An executive summary

As its name suggests, this is basically a summary of your entire business plan, showing readers critical information about your clinic on a single page. This should contain a brief description as to the type of clinic that you’re trying to open, the kind of services that it’s going to provide, the location where it’s going to be established, how much it will take to fund its operations, and much more.

Be sure that this section is one that’s written in a way that will attract your potential investors as this is what will determine whether they continue reading your business plan or if they think that your clinic is a waste of their time. Also, your executive summary should get straight to the point. Don’t make it too long because it is a summary, after all.

Your business description

This is where you provide a more detailed description in terms of the kind of clinic that you want to open to the public. You have to provide the following information in this section:

  • The location of your clinic. This is very important as you want a location that everyone can have easy access to as you don’t want people to have a hard time locating your clinic, especially if they’re in dire need of help. When you have found the perfect location for your clinic, the next thing you need to do is provide its complete address. Then, you must state whether you’re leasing the establishment or if you have purchased the building.
  • The licenses and permits you need in order to operate. If you’re going to operate your business, then you have to make sure that you have every legal document at your disposal that you may need. Since you’re going to have nurses and doctors, you’ll need to make sure that they have certificates, diplomas, and the required licenses which allow them to practice their professions. If you’re not entirely sure what you need, then you can always do some research online or go visit your local government offices to ask about what you need to ensure that you have everything that will allow you to open up your own clinic.

Know your target market

Although, generally, you would want your clinic to be open to just about every type of patient, you may want to specialize by only treating children, for example, or your clinic could be one that handles the ailments that only the elderly acquire. So, basically, you’re trying to answer the questions, “Who exactly are your services meant to provide for?” So, you have to consider what you want your clinic to focus on, and then you’re going to use that to figure out who your medical services are going to cater to.

Show the products and services you’re going to provide

If you’re going to open a clinic, then you have to remember that the type of services that you’re going to provide will depend entirely on the kind of target audience that you’re going to focus on. Also, if you’re going to have a pharmacy in your clinic, then you will need to place information about it in your business plan. So, be sure that this section includes the following:

  • A detailed description of the kind of medical services that you’re going to provide. Whether you’re going to provide dental services or one that focuses on treating injuries, you’re going to have to be very specific about it in your business plan.
  • A price list that contains all of the information regarding the different prices of all the services that your clinic has to offer. Remember that you have to be very accurate with your prices and they should also be reasonable. If you don’t know how you should price them, then what you should do is conduct research on other clinics to give you a better understanding of how much you should charge.
  • If you’re going to be selling products such as medical supplies or tools, then you need to point out whether you are going to supply these yourselves or if you’re going to be purchasing them from a supplier and selling them for a different price.
  • Just like your services, you have to provide a detailed list of all the products that your clinic is going to be selling to the public.

A description of your competition

This is where you have to do your market research so that you can better understand your competition and how you’re going to get the competitive edge against them. You will need to determine all of the different clinics within the area and see if their practices match with that of yours. If you think that there are those clinics that pose a threat, then what you have to do is understand their strengths and weaknesses. So, by knowing what strengths these clinics have, such as having strong customer service, then you should have your clinic follow their example and hope that yours does just as well. If you see their weaknesses, then you should capitalize on making sure that your clinic doesn’t have these weaknesses, and then show potential clients that your clinic doesn’t have these issues.

How you are going to market your clinic

With this section, you will need to provide information on how you are going to market your clinic to the public. You need to find the best method that will get your people to understand what it is your business does and what it provides. So, if you think that making use of social media is the best way to get people to know about your clinic, then you should go with that method. If it’s best that you have advertisements on television or on the radio, then go for that instead.

However, you have to remember that advertising your clinic is never going to come cheap. You have to come up with a budget for whatever marketing strategy will help make sure that these people are able to know about your business. Make sure that your budget is able to cover at least three months’ worth of marketing tactics.

Management and operations

This is where you provide important information regarding who the owners of the clinic are, the people who will be in charge of handling medical operations, and the different operations that will be taking place in the clinic. So, you have to provide the background, qualifications, and job descriptions of the employees. Once that’s done, you have to provide a schedule and descriptions of all the activities that will be taking place in your clinic so that readers will understand what your clinic will be providing.

Your clinic’s financial statement

You won’t be able to start your own clinic if you don’t even have the finances for it. This is where you have to point out every piece of important information such as how much it will take to start up your clinic, how much it’s going to make eventually, your expected expenses within the year, and much more. This is something that your potential investors are going to want to learn as this is what they’ll look into to help them decide whether they should invest in your clinic or not.

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